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10 Best Back Massagers in 2020 – reviews

At the end of a long day at work, it is great to be able to relax in your home. Beyond the normal hot bath remedy, it is great to be able to enjoy a back massage in the comfort of your own home. Anyone with back complaints, and especially people who sit at a desk for long periods will appreciate the convenience and feel of an at-home back massager.

If your other half is unwilling, or you just need something to work its magic on your back when you need it, there are loads of different types of back massagers you can choose. Some are full seat kits, others hand-held but they all help to get into those deep tissues that need a little rub. I’ve spent hours researching the following top ten so you don’t have to.

My Picks for The 10 Best Back Massagers

#10 Lower Back Heating Pad/Heated Waist Belt Back Massager


This product doesn’t target the whole back in one go, instead, it adds the heat and pressure to particular areas which are good for use after sports or for ongoing issues. You can control the level of vibration and heat individually to tailor the massage to your preference. It helps to relieve back pain, sciatica, and soreness and fits a waist size of 48 inches. The straps are adjustable so it is easy to get on and the settings can be changed to the side of the device. The breathable fabric stops you from working up a sweat and you can use the car charger to use it on the go.

Why I Like It: Can control vibration and heat individually
Breathable fabric

#9 Massage Mat with 10 Vibrating Motors


If you want to buy a back massager that goes above and beyond, this full-body massager allows you to lie down and let the ten motors vibrate to the level of your choice. There are 3 settings to increase or lower the intensity and heat pads to alleviate tension in your muscles. It packs away easily, folding up for convenient storage and has a soft padded feel to it that makes it easy for you to relax. The device will automatically shut off after 30-minutes so if you fall asleep with your head resting on the pillow, it has your safety in mind.

Why I Like It: Full-body massage
3 intensity settings
Packs away easily

#8 Body Sport Variable Speed Professional Vibrating Massager


The simple design and dual handles of this back massager makes it great for couples to use on one another, moving it from area to area as their partner lies in bliss. The motor works hard and with the changeable speeds, it offers between 1,000 rpm to 3,800 rpm. You can use it to target certain parts of the body which is why it is popular with people who pay a lot of sports. It works to reduce pain and soften muscles and comes with a one year warranty.

Why I Like It: Changeable speeds
Can be used to target problem areas

#7 Snailax Cordless Shiatsu Back Massager


If you only want to receive a back massage, then this product can target the hard to reach areas that a handheld product finds difficult. It fits the shape of your back which makes it comfortable to sit against. You can place it against any chair, wall, or bed for a convenient back massage and get 70 minutes of cordless use after 2.5 hours of charge time but that does mean you can take it anywhere with you. The unit itself has 4 nodes that massage the back and you get a deep massage from the Shiatsu rollers that work with the heat to alleviate back pain and increase blood circulation.

Why I Like It: Cordless
Changeable heat settings

#6 Body Back Buddy Back Massager


This might not be something you can use for 30 minutes at a time but it offers the user a quick and convenient way to soothe back pain and remove knots. It’s great to use after sports or a hard session at the gym and can be used to target the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and beyond. You can add pressure to particularly sore areas and the angled points on this back massager help to alleviate soreness. It is durable enough to dig into the areas that can otherwise be impossible to reach.

Why I Like It: Good value
Portable and easy to control

#5 VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager


This product has a sturdy design and in the dog head shape, it manages to reach problems areas. It has 3 removable heads which can change the type of massage you receive, choose from Swedish massage, deep shiatsu, and acupuncture for pain relief. The motor is powerful enough to deliver 3,350 pulses per minute that you can customise to the speed you feel you need. It’s comfortable and grippy and acts as an at-home masseuse that although you have to put a bit of work in, you can target the areas you know need a little love.

Why I Like It: Choose from different massage types
Changeable speed settings

#4 Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat


With a racing car seat design, it might look sporty but when you attach it to a chair and sit in it, you will feel nothing but relaxed. The 4 nodes around the neck target problem areas and the heat that it produces throughout the whole body helps to penetrate deep tissue. It features shiatsu balls to enhance blood circulation and comes with an intensity control flap which allows you to reduce the pressure if you need to. There is a removable cover for the neck section that means you can wash it and keep it hygienic for all the family.

Why I Like It: Shiatsu balls enhance blood circulation
Targets various areas
Adjustable heat

#3 Vivreal Handheld Back Massager


Using this product means you will be able to target the particularly sore areas, helping to relieve tension at your will. giving you the power in your hand to get into the knots that cause you to wince is great and you can choose from 6 adjustable speeds to move the 6 nodes to your desired intensity. The powerful motor shoots out 3,200 pulses a minute and turns off after 15 minutes for your safety. It’s portable so can be used anywhere you like, take it on holiday or keep it anywhere in the house as the battery lasts up to 100 minutes on a full charge.

Why I Like It: Portable
Six different settings
Lasts 100 minutes on a full charge

#2 Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


With a comfortable design, this back massager fits around your neck to kneed tension and stress from problem areas including your back, neck, but it can also be used on legs and feet if required. It has 3 different speeds for you to choose from depending on how badly you need the stress relief and features 8 deep kneeling nodes that alleviate tightness around the muscles. You can even use it in your car as it comes with a power adaptor. The heat that it gives off feels good on tired areas and can be adjusted from the side panel.

Why I Like It: 3 different speeds
Car adaptor included
8 deep kneeling nodes

#1 Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


This is the best back massager available so it is no surprise that it is so popular online. Not only does it have changeable heat settings to give you a deeper massage sensation but it comes with a car adaptor so you can use it on the go. the deep reading nodes get into the right places, relaxing tired muscles. You will feel a change in direction every minute which makes it feel so good on a tense body. After 20 minutes it automatically turns off in case you fall asleep from the relaxing experience. You will have to stay close to a socket as it needs to be plugged in to work and comes with straps to secure it to a chair if you want to sit up.

Why I Like It: Nodes change direction every minute
Easy to use
Adaptor to use it in your car
Switches off every 20 minutes

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