10 Best Candles in 2020 – reviews

For over 2,500 years, candles have been used to provide light and ambiance to homes all over the world. Originally they were made using beef tallow and unwound twine, which made them very smokey, but over the years, they’ve been refined to the products that we currently use and enjoy. And because they’ve been used for so long, just about everyone has at least one of them somewhere in their home.

Nowadays, candles are no longer used for lighting, but instead, are used almost exclusively for home decoration and to set an ambiance in a person’s home. They’re also products that I truly enjoy using in my home, which is why I’ve decided to do a review of the best candles that can be bought these days. I truly hope that everyone will be able to find one that suits their home décor or relaxation needs.

My Picks for The 10 Best Candles

#10 Yankee Candle Large Jar Kitchen Spice


Yankee Candle has so many different candles in their collection it can be hard to keep track of them all. It’s almost impossible to try every one of them because as soon as you try, they release a new scent. However, of all of the candles that I’ve been able to try of theirs, this is one of my favorite. That’s because this paraffin wax candle has a cotton wick that burns smoothly, and gives it a very consistent burn. it’s also because it has a scent that smells so much like my grandmother’s kitchen. it’s a scent of ginger and cinnamon, orange and clove that’s capable of making anyplace smell like home.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It smells like a country kitchen and is good for holiday use.

#9 Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candle


This candle from Mrs. Meyer’s is a great product. That’s not only because of the way that it smells but also because of the way it is made. This candle has a big floral scent that fills a room with the smell of geraniums and maybe just a touch of roses if I’m smelling it correctly. It’s also made with natural ingredients that don’t contain lead, ingredients such as soy and/or vegetable wax and non-metal candle wicks. And since it has a long 35-hour burn time, it’s a candle that should last for quite some time.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It has a big floral scent that can fill up a room.

#8 Chesapeake Bay Balance & Harmony Candle


Designed and manufactured in the U.S., this scented candle is made from quality ingredients and has a very therapeutic smell to it. This candle comes in a medium glass jar that has a wooden lid and stands approximately 3.2×3.2×4.6-inches in size. It has a burn time of about 50-hours and is made from a natural soy wax blend. These candles have a great scent that smells like water lilies, pears, orange zest, and apples. It also has a few notes of jasmine and rose mixed in their fragrance as well.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It’s a relaxing blend of scents that perfect for lighting during a soothing bath.

#7 Village Candle Balsam Fir Scented Candle


One of my most favorite smells of the year is the smell of my Christmas tree during the holiday season. It’s just a vibrant and refreshing smell that reminds me of childhood memories and Christmas mornings opening gifts. And that scent is perfectly replicated by this quality balsam fir scented candle. It has notes of evergreen tree boughs and balsam that mingles with subtle notes of bergamot. It’s like having the holidays in a jar. And because it’s made with high-quality wax, it burns evenly, doesn’t produce soot and gives me that fragrance for a long, long time.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It delivers a great holiday evergreen scent.

#6 Glade 2-In-1 Air Freshner Candles


These 2-in-1 candles combine two great candle scents in one great product. It’s a blend of Hawaiian Breeze and Vanilla Passion Fruit that doesn’t seem like it would go together all that well but does seem to be a great combination. Once these candles are lit, they fill up a room with that delightful fragrance and they end up neutralizing odors at the same time. The result is a room that isn’t just odor-free but also has an exciting scent.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: These candles not only have a wonderful scent, but they also do a good job of neutralizing odors.

#5 Yankee Candle Company Ginger Pumpkin


People usually have to wait to enjoy pumpkin spice products in the fall, but now thanks to this candle, people can enjoy a pumpkin spice scent all year round. This product is manufactured by the Yankee Candle Company, and it produces a fragrance that spells like pumpkin mixed with ginger and nutmeg. It also has a sweet smell of caramel in its background, which makes it smell almost good enough to eat. And each of these candles has a burn time of approximately 60-80 hours, so everyone can enjoy this scent for a long time.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It smells a lot like pumpkin spice lattes, which makes it great for the autumn season.

#4 Nika’s Home 100% Soy Candle


This quality candle from Nika’s Home not only has a very pleasant and soothing vanilla bean scent, but the candle is designed to burn evenly and without any soot. This clean-burning candle is made with white soy wax that doesn’t contain any artificial chemical-based dyes in it. That makes it a great candle to burn during romantic evenings with your partner or while taking a soothing bath. It also means that when I burn it, I’m not breathing in a bunch of harmful chemicals from dyes.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It’s a clean-burning candle that’s made without chemical-based dyes in it.

#3 Just Makes Scents Smoke & Odor Eliminator


Made using premium lead-free wicks, high-quality blended soy wax and with exciting fragrance oils, these candles are not only healthier to burn than some other candles, but they also smell great, too. These candles have a burn time of approximately 40-hours and can neutralize odors as they burn. That makes them a good choice for the homes of smokers, or people who want to neutralize pet or food odors. It’s also a great candle for people who just need a little bit of ambiance in their home.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: As they burn, these candles help to eliminate smoke, pet and food odors.

#2 Illumisense Premium Scented Candles


Even though I’m not entirely sure of this candle’s scent, I do know that it smells nice and is great to burn while I’m getting a massage or taking a hot bath. It’s also a candle that burns very cleanly and produces no-soot whatsoever while it’s burning. Another thing that I like about this candle is that it has an amazing 80-hour burn time, which is almost twice as long as some other candles in its price range. Overall, it’s a quality candle that’s good for use in the home or for giving to friends and family as gifts.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: This candle has a long burning time.

#1 Fresh Linen Luxury Hand-Poured Candle


Hand-poured using quality soy wax and 100% cotton wicks, these candles burn cleanly and provide a good amount of ambiance to a room. These candles are also free of harmful chemicals and are not only vegan candles, but are also paraben-free and cruelty-free as well. It’s a candle that comes in a wide variety of different scents, too. Some of these exciting and unique fragrances include fresh linen, blueberry cobbler, lemongrass scent, jasmine-infused bergamot, jasmine sweet pea & apple, and lemon biscotti. That means there’s a scent for just about everyone available.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like it because it comes in a number of unique frangrances.

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