10 Best Cast Iron Skillets in 2020 – reviews

Cast iron cooking pots have been used since the 5th century B.C, and skillets made out of cast iron have been used since the 18th century. Why have these cooking vessels endured for so long? Mainly because they cook evenly, hold heat for long periods of time, and if properly maintained, a single skillet can last a person for generations. That makes it one of the most important items a homeowner should buy for their kitchen.

I know that when I discovered the joy of cooking with these skillets, I quickly quit my old Teflon pans and used nothing but the cast iron ones. In fact, I ended up loving it so much, I decided that I immediately need to tell the whole world about these skillets, so everyone can enjoy cooking with them. And as a result, I now present you with the ten best cast-iron skillets available.

My Picks for The 10 Best Cast Iron Skillets

#10 Landhause Professional Enameled Skillet


This 12.5-inch enameled skillet is made with professional-grade cast iron that retains heat extremely well and distributes it through the food evenly. This allows most food items to be cooked to perfection, although to be honest, sometimes eggs or thinly sliced sandwich steaks sometimes sticks to its surface. This skillet can not only be used on the stovetop but can also be placed in the oven to finish off steaks, pork chops or for straight to the oven dishes. And when it’s time to clean this skillet up, all the user has to do is wash it out with soap and a sponge.

Why I Like It: Why I liked It: This skillet holds heat well and cooks food evenly.

#9 Victoria 12-Inch Large Frying Pan


This 12-inch cast iron frying pan might be one of the least expensive pans on this list but it does have some great features that make it quite interesting. For example, it has a curved handle that’s longer than the handle of most other skillets, which allows me to have better leverage when I’m lifting it off of the stove. It’s also pre-seasoned with non-GMO flaxseed oil, so its surface is not only non-toxic but will actually improve as the pan is used. And because of its large 12-inch size, this pan can be used to cook everything from omelets to grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: I liked this pan because it is one of the more inexpensive skillets available but doesn’t feel like a cheap frying pan.

#8 Fresh Australian Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Iron Skillet


Not only is this cast iron skillet easy on the pocketbook but it also comes pre-seasoned, so I didn’t have to do a whole lot of work to get it ready for cooking. In fact, I did little prep work before I started using it. And I’ve used it to cook a variety of different meals including fried chicken, beef fajitas, and I even cooked a steak in it. Although this skillet doesn’t cost a whole lot, it’s a quality made frying pan that seems pretty durable. And I also like the fact that it not only has a traditional handle but also has a smaller handle that makes it easier for me to move it from the stove to the counter.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It’s inexpensive and pre-seasoned so it’s ready to cook with straight out of the box.

#7 Cuisinel Pre-Season Dutch Oven & Skillet


Just like the TV cooking celebrity Alton Brown, I do love kitchen implements that can be used for multiple purposes. So, it should be no surprise that I would take a liking to this cooking vessel that can not only be used as a skillet but can also be used as a Dutch Oven. This cast iron model can be used for broiling or braising, for frying eggs or meats or for sauteing vegetables. This model is made according to exacting standards and comes with a convenient lid. And since it comes pre-seasoned from the factory, it can be immediately used the kitchen without a complicated setup procedure.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like that it’s both a Dutch Oven and a cast iron skillet.

#6 Utopia Kitchen Pre-Season 12.5-Inch Skillet


This 12.5-inch black skillet is large enough for just about any task that’s put to it. It can be used for scrambling eggs, cooking chops or for sauteing vegetables. And it can even be used for starting meals on the stovetop and then moving them into the oven to finish; a task that Teflon skillets simply can’t perform. What I really like about this black skillet, however, is that it’s pre-seasoned so I was able to use it right away. After all, I really hate having to do a lot of prep work before I get to use a new pan. Another thing I liked about it was that it didn’t break my budget when I bought it.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like that it’s factory seasoned and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

#5 Cuisinel 12-Inch Skillet With Silicone Handle Cover


Although I’ve used other Cuisinel frying pans before, I must admit that I especially enjoyed using this cast iron fajita skillet. That’s because it’s not only made to exacting standards but also because it was inexpensive. Another thing that I appreciated about this skillet was that it came with a silicone handle cover, so I didn’t have to buy one separately. And once I got this pan it seems like I couldn’t stop using it. I made eggs in it, fajitas, chimichangas, and a variety of one-pot meals. What I discovered about this skillet from all that cooking was that it heats food well, and keeps food warm longer than other pans.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like that this skillet comes with a silicone handle cover included with it.

#4 Backcountry Iron 12-Inch Frying Pan


This cast iron pan is 12-inches in size and has a hefty feel to it that sometimes inexpensive iron skillets don’t have. That makes me feel like this pan is made using quality materials, and it is made to exacting standards. I also liked the fact that this pan was delivered to my home pre-seasoned, so I didn’t have to mess around with the usual seasoning routine. What’s really great about this pan, however, is its performance in the kitchen. Regardless of what I cooked in it, it was up for the challenge. It heated up evenly and helped me cook up a variety of dishes from fish to fried potatoes and eggs.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like it because it has a hefty feel to it and seems like it’s well made.

#3 Home Complete Pre-Seasoned 12-Inch Skillet


From the moment I brought this cast iron skillet home I thought that it could be a potential future keepsake for me to leave to my grandchildren. It just has that hefty feel to it that makes you feel like it’s probably going to outlive you. It’s quality isn’t the only reason I loved this product, however. I also liked the fact that it heat-up evenly and held its heat for a long time after I turned off my gas burner. This not only allowed me to cook a great variety of different dishes, but it also allowed me to use the frying pan to save leftovers in my warm oven.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like the fact that it feels like it could last long enough for me to pass it down to my grandchildren.

#2 Lodge Cast Iron Covered 5-Quart Deep Skillet


This American-made cast-iron skillet is not only made to high standards, but it’s also designed with many of the features that I like in a pan. It came to my home pre-seasoned, so I didn’t have to mess with seasoning it and it came with a self-basting lid that allowed me to use it as a Dutch oven. I also liked the fact that it was 12-inches in diameter and a full 3.25-inches deep, which makes it the perfect size for making fried chicken. And to top it all off, this pan not only heated up well but it also held its heat well, too.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It’s American-made and can be used as both a frying pan and a Dutch oven.

#1 Lodge Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Pan


Anyone looking for the highest quality cast iron skillet available has just found it with this one from Lodge. Not only is this pan manufactured in the United States, but it’s made from quality materials by a company that’s been making quality pans for over 123+ years now. And this company’s expertise really shows in the skillet. It has a very smooth feel to it, heats up quickly and cooks food evenly. It can go from the stove top to the oven to the counter, without even a hitch and it’s easy to clean when the cooking is done. It’s especially good for frying chicken, but it can be used for a variety of meals including steaks, pork chops, or sauces.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It’s extremely durable, well made and is manufactured in the U.S.A.

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