10 Best Electric Blankets in 2020 – reviews

Electric blankets combine two great but simple technologies to make a product that’s comforting, soothing and are capable of keeping a person warm during the coldest of winter months. It combines the comfort and reliability of the blanket with electrically powered heaters that supply a dry heat that’s capable of relaxing muscles and easing aching joints.

Of course, before a person can purchase one of these blankets, they first have to discover which ones are worth their money. That’s why I’ve created the following list of the ten best electric blankets currently available. Now everyone can enjoy the comfort, the heat, and the relaxation that these blankets offer.

My Picks for The 10 Best Electric Blankets

#10 Biddeford Micro Plush Heated Blanket


This electric blanket is made from a micro plush that’s not only very durable but is also extremely soft. And it’s also one that comes in an assortment of exciting colors including lavender, sage green, navy plaid or red. This unit also comes with a digital controller that controls the heating elements in the blanket and allows the operator to choose from ten different heat settings. This blanket can be used for up to 10-hours at a time and has small wires so that the blanket is more comfortable than models with bulky wires.

Why I Like It: It uses super soft micro plush and comes in an assortment of colors.

#9 Sunbeam Heated Velvet Plush Blanket


Available in a large 84×90-inch queen size, this heated velvet plush blanket is capable of wrapping up a couple of people in an aura of complete warmth. The blanket is not only velvety soft, however, it also has the heat personalizations a person wants out of an electric blanket. This product not only has a preheat function but also has 20 other heat settings that allow a person to choose the one that’s right for them. All things considered it’s a great blanket for just about any home.

Why I Like It: It’s extremely large, is velvety soft and it has 20 different personalized heat settings.

#8 Thermee Micro-Flannel Blanket


Made from a polyester micro-flannel that’s soft against the skin but is also pretty durable, this electric blanket is a good addition for just about any home. This product is also equipped with 8 different heat settings, a 10-hour auto-shutoff and is energy efficient, so homeowners don’t have to drive up their energy bills to use it on cold winter nights. It also has a long 16-foot electrical cord that doesn’t require the user to run an extension cord to enjoy its benefits.

Why I Like It: It has a long 16-foot electric cord, is energy efficient and has a 10-hour automatic shut-off feature.

#7 Beautyrest Heated Microlight Blanket


The fact that this blanket is made with a microlight material that doesn’t make it feel like your being held down is good enough of a reason for a person to buy this blanket, but it also has several other exciting features that are also worth mentioning. For instance, this 100×90-inch blanket has an automatic shutoff feature that turns the blanket off after 10 hours. It also has 20 different heat settings for a customized heat experience and it’s made with flexible wires that don’t get in the way of a person’s comfort. All of these are great reasons for anyone to give this quality electric blanket a chance.

Why I Like It: It has 20 different heat settings and is made from an ultralight material so it’s not too heavy.

#6 Tefici Washable Heated Throw Blanket


The problem with some electric blankets is that they either don’t have an automatic shutoff feature or they have one that doesn’t activate soon enough. Fortunately for people using this blanket, however, that’s not the case. That’s because that after approximately 4-hours this blanket will automatically shut off, so the user can enjoy it without worrying about leaving it on. And since it has three different heat settings, the user can customize their heat experience as they see fit.

Why I Like It: It shuts off automatically after 4-hours and has three simple heat settings for the users convenience.

#5 Sunbeam Faux Fur Heated Throw Blanket


If it wasn’t for the ethical and economical problems of using animal fur, then everyone would use it for a blanket. That’s because animal fur is some of the warmest material available and if you don’t believe me, then ask fur trappers. Now thanks to this faux fur blanket, everyone can enjoy a simulated fur blanket that’s equipped with 3-heat settings. It makes the wearer feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury and also keeps them warm, even during the coldest weather imaginable. And all of those are good reasons for anyone to enjoy this product.

Why I Like It: This blanket’s faux fur feels extremely luxurious.

#4 Beautyrest Ultrasoft Berber Fleece Blanket


Even though most of the blankets on this list are designed to be draped over a person as they’re laying down, this one is more suited to be worn. That’s because this heated throw has a poncho-style to it that allows the person to lay down, sit, watch television or read a book while they’re wearing it. This model has 3 different heat settings, has an automatic 2-hour shut off and can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle when it gets dirty. That makes this an electric blanket that is going to provide a lot of people with the comfort they want.

Why I Like It: It can be worn like a poncho and has a convenient 2-hour shut off for safety.

#3 Max Kare Full-Size Heated Flannel Blanket


When you use some electric blankets, you’ll quickly learn that it can take a whole lot of time for the blanket to heat up. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with this blanket. Within 5-minutes, this product can reach its projected heat setting of 107-degrees, so the user doesn’t have to wait for it to warm up. And probably the best part about this rapid heating cycle is that it can all be started by pushing just one button. Additional features that can be found on this blanket include an 8-hour automatic shut off for the user’s peace of mind, a soft flannel composition and ETL certification so the user knows it meets safety standards.

Why I Like It: This electric blanket is ETL certified and heats up within 5-minutes.

#2 Max Kare Electric Heated Throw Blanket


This blanket just doesn’t look like a blanket any king or queen would use to keep warm, but it also has some exciting features. On one side it has a silky flannel material and on the other side has sort of a velveteen fabric. This blanket has a maximum temperature rating of 113-degrees and it can reach that temperature in only 5-minutes. It also has 3 different heat settings, a 4-hour automatic shut off and is equipped with overheat protection. It’s also machine washable, so the user can assure that it’s always ready to keep them warm.

Why I Like It: This blanket looks luxurious and heats up quickly.

#1 Pure Enrichment Pure Relief Heated Blanket


This heated blanket might not be the fanciest one available, but it’s extremely dependable and has the features that most people need. This product is made of a sherpa and micro mink combination that makes it warm, even when the heat is turned off. It also has 4 therapeutic heat settings that are easy to set using the built-in LED controller. And since it’s equipped with an auto shut off, it will automatically turn itself off after only two hours of use. This allows it to save on energy costs and prevents it from overheating. All of these features make this one of the best electric blankets around.

Why I Like It: It’s simple to use, economical and has an auto shut-off feature.

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A Guide To Electric Blankets

Like a lot of other people, I was quite skeptical about electric blankets. I felt like regular blankets had kept me nice and warm all of these years, so why should I go out and buy an electric blanket? After all, what could these blankets provide that my wool blanket couldn’t provide? Of course, that all changed one cold and windy evening when my dog tore up my favorite blanket, and I had to run to the store to buy a new one. And as you probably guessed by now, all the store had was electric blankets, so I ended up buying one and the rest has been history.

Once I got that electric blanket home and used it for the first time it was a revelation. It was like I had a veil over my eyes and now could see. Never before had I experienced such a level of comfort. It was from that day on that I would always have an electric blanket in my home no matter what. And I’m sure that once you try an electric blanket, you’ll never go back to using a regular blanket again. That is if you buy the best electric blanket for you and don’t buy a lesser quality model.

To help all my readers find the best electric blanket, I not only researched the best models available, but I also decided to write this guide on how to buy a great one. Having said that, let’s get started and find out what you should look for when purchasing a new electric blanket.

Choose One With Adequate Heat Options

When buying a new electric blanket, you are going to want to make sure that you buy one that has an adequate number of heating options. Many models have at least three different heat settings, but some of the better models contain five or six different heat settings. And some advanced models have eight or more heat levels. Of course, the more heat levels you have available, the more comfortable you can be, so be sure to get one with as many heat levels as possible.

Choose A Blanket With Digital Controls

I’m not sure if you remember the old-fashioned electric blankets that had a dial on it that the user could adjust to change the heat level, but I do, and I am not too pleased with them. That’s because blankets with dials are hard to adjust to the precise temperature, and once you do have them adjusted, the slightest bump will most likely change it. Although some stores still sell these models, I prefer to avoid them, and instead, I choose one with digital controls. Digital controls are easier to set and they are harder to accidentally change if they’re bumped by the user in the night.

Quality Materials Matter

It’s also important for you to choose an electric blanket that is made from materials that won’t wear out easily. It’s also a pretty good idea to buy one that has a removable cover that can be taken off of the blanket and thrown in the wash. After all, after a few months of drooling on your blanket, you are probably going to want to have an easy way to clean it. And, of course, the blanket should be made out of some sort of microfiber material that’s soft and a pleasure curling up with at night.

Make Sure The Blanket Is Safe To Use

One of the most important features for you to consider is just how safe the electric blanket is. In the past, electric blankets were pretty much fire hazards and that’s because they didn’t have very many safety features that would make them safer to use. Those models were just plugged in and the consumer hoped that they didn’t get so hot they set the entire bed on fire. Fortunately, new electric blankets don’t have the same problems as those old fashioned ones. Even so, the consumer should make sure that they buy a model that adheres to strict safety standards. When buying an electric blanket, make sure it has an automatic shutoff and is UL-listed. That will ensure it’s the safest model to use.

Other Electric Blanket Features To Consider

The above features are everything a person needs to know to buy the best electric blanket possible. However, some consumers might want to consider a few extra features to make sure the blanket is as useful to them as possible. We’ve listed those features below.

  • Cord Length
  • Dual Comfort Zones
  • Remote Control Operation