10 Best Flannel Sheets in 2020 – reviews

Even though flannel sheets can be used all year round quite effectively, the real benefit of using them comes during the fall and winter months. That’s because flannel traps a layer of warm air to keep a person warm all night warm. And because the fabric not just insulates but also allows air to escape, it doesn’t make a person overly warm during the night.

Another benefit of using sheets made out of flannel is that they’re very soft and comfortable. The flannel that’s used in bedsheets nowadays are made out of cotton, so they’re very soft against the skin and comfortable. I’m so fond of them that I decided to try out some of the more popular brands and find out which flannel sheets are the best ones available.

My Picks for The 10 Best Flannel Sheets

#10 Tribeca Living Floral Garden Extra-Deep Pocket Sheets


Available in sizes from Twin XL through Queen sizes, these beautifully printed cotton flannel sheets are available to anyone who wants a set. They’re printed with a beautiful floral garden design that complements just about any room and they’re triple-brushed, so they’re soft and have a nice finish to them. Another thing to like about these sheets is that they’re 24-inch pocket fitted sheets that are capable of being used on both pillow-top and extra-deep mattresses. They have a 170-gram weight as well, and this set comes with one fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and one flat sheet.

Why I Like It: I love that it’s triple-brushed, so it’s very soft.

#9 Mellanni Lightweight Flannel Sheet Set


One of the hardest decisions anyone is going to have when choosing a set of these sheets is what color they want. That’s because this set comes in a variety of beautiful colors that include burgundy, white, sage, blue, blue plaid, beige, and grey snowflakes. Once you decided on a color, however, the experience of purchasing these sheets is a breeze. They’re made true to fit, so if you order a Queen size sheet for your bed, then it will end up fitting your Queen size bed perfectly. These warm, cozy, and extremely soft sheets are a perfect gift for a person to give themself or to buy for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or any other special occasion.

Why I Like It: These sheets are true to size, so they fit beds very well.

#8 Celeste Home Ultra-Soft Sheet Set


Manufactured using 100% cotton flannel and with a weight of 170 GSM, these sheets are soft, comfortable, and warm. They’re also sheets that come in several simple and homey colors that include blue, blue stripe, corsage, sage, sand, white, coffee bean, or cream. They’re also available in a variety of sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Each set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. All of which makes these sheets good sheets to own, or to give as gifts.

Why I Like It: These flannel sheets fit well and they come in beautiful simple colors that complement most rooms well.

#7 Laura Ashley Classic Sheet Set


These sheets are not only made of brushed cotton, which makes them extremely soft, but they’re also preshrunk and are designed to fit mattresses up to 18-inches thick. That means just about anyone who buys the appropriate size sheets for their bed can use them and be confident that they’ll remain on the bed once the bed has been made. This sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat one, and two pillowcases. These sets come in several classic designs as well, including Victoria, Crestwood Grey, Audrey, and Lefleur.

Why I Like It: These sheets fit very well and the classic designs are beautiful.

#6 Home Fashion Designs Winter Bed Sheets


Manufactured using Turkish cotton that’s lightweight (only 150 GSM), soft and warm, these sheets make the perfect winter bedsheets. They’re even available in woodland and winter designs that include: moose, polar bears, penguins, snowmen, snow reindeer, winter owls, and winter wonderland designs. The fitted sheet fits mattresses extremely well, too, all thanks to their 17-inch deep pockets and elasticized edges. Their winter-theme designs are great for using during the holidays, and they make beautiful gifts that just about anyone can appreciate. And they’re also sheets that aren’t too expensive, so consumers can buy several of them.

Why I Like It: I really enjoyed the winter-theme designs.

#5 Royal’s Heavy Cotton Flannel Bed Sheets


What struck me about this flannel sheet set is that it seems like the type of sheets you would find in an upscale hotel. They’re made from natural cotton, have 170 GSM, and each set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Because of their 16-inch deep pockets, these sheets fit most mattresses quite well, and when the bed is made they stay in place. They also come in simple but elegant colors that include such color schemes as white, blue, ivory, sea, taupe, or grey. Anyone who wants to feel like their sleeping at an elegant hotel every night of their life is going to want to buy this set.

Why I Like It: This sheet set has a nice heavy feel to them.

#4 Pinzon Plaid Flannel Bed Sheet Set


This flannel sheet set is manufactured in Portugal and is made using 100% cotton. They have a weight of 160-grams per square meter, so they’re not only durable, but they’re very supple as well. They also are nice and warm during cold winter months, but provide that insulating warmth without being suffocating. Each set comes with a fitted sheet, a standard pillowcase, and a flat sheet with a 4-inch hem. These sets are available in several different colors and designs including red or blue plaid, brown plain, blue/cream plaid, and red/grey plaid.

Why I Like It: These sheets are warm on cold winter nights, but they breathe so they don’t stifle the sleeper.

#3 Pointehaven Heavy-Weight Printed Flannel Set


Luxury is well within anyone’s reach when they pick up one of these flannel sheet sets. each set comes with a fitted sheet with 16-inch pockets, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. They’re made from heavy-weight cotton that helps to keep a person warm on cold nights but also allows air to pass through it. Since they’re brushed on both sides, they’re also extremely soft and will envelop the sleeper in a feeling of comfort. And they have a beautiful snowflake design that’s ideal for using during the winter or giving away to friends and family as Christmas gifts.

Why I Like It: They have a beautiful winter design and are warm and soft.

#2 Eddie Bauer Flannel Sheet Set


First of all, before I say anything else about this sheet set is that it’s perfect for winter. These sets are made using 100% cotton, are extremely soft, and most important of all, they’re also very warm. The fitted sheets have 15-inch pockets that allow them to fit on just about any mattress, even 18-inch luxury mattresses. Another thing worth mentioning about these cotton flannel sheets is that they are available in some nice designs that include animal motifs such as bears, deers, elks, or winter motifs such as ski slopes, or trucks hauling Christmas trees.

Why I Like It: These sheets don’t pill like lesser-quality cotton flannel sheets do.

#1 Stone & Beam Rustic Bed Sheet Set


This flannel sheet set might just be the sheets that you’re looking for. These sets include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, and they’re designed to be true-to-size, so they fit perfectly. These sheets can be machine-washed and tumbled-dry on low, are shipped in a cloth drawstring bag and are made from 100% cotton. They’re extremely soft, warm and comfortable, and they come in some nice rustic designs. Designs that include red and black checker, blue and white checker, black and white, or grey and red. These are nice sheets that many people are going to want to put on their bed for cold winter months.

Why I Like It: They’re soft, don’t pill and fit perfectly.

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