10 Best Hand Mixers in 2020 – reviews

Hand mixers are an essential tool for any kitchen. It allows the user to whip up eggs, batters and cake mixes quite easily, and it can do it a lot cheaper than a standard stand mixer. Although many people consider them to be a tool that’s only used by bakers or chefs, the truth is that these devices can be used by anyone who does any amount of cooking regularly.

Since this tool is such an important one to keep in the kitchen, I decided to do some research on it and discover which ten models were the best combination of price, power, and features. And what I’ve discovered are some of the best models that can be purchased nowadays. Any of the following mixers is sure to become a valued kitchen tool once it’s been used.

My Picks for The 10 Best Hand Mixers

#10 Hamilton Beach Classic 6-Speed Electric Mixer


One of the first things that immediately struck me about this electric hand mixer from Hamilton Beach is that it’s a very attractive unit. I like the brushed stainless steel it has, and it goes well with modern kitchens. However, once I started using it, its looks were quickly overshadowed by its excellent performance. This model has 290-watts of power and has stainless steel beaters that make short work of any batter or mix I could use it on. And it also had snap-on storage that allowed me to store the whisk and beaters all together, so they didn’t get lost.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It has a very attractive brushed stainless steel look and snap-on onboard storage, too.

#9 KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Mixer


This KitchenAid mixer is another model that has an attractive appearance. It’s available in a contoured silver color, or users can buy it in other colors that include pistachio, red, graphite, black or white. Its appearance isn’t the main reason anyone should consider buying this hand mixer, however. The feature that makes it a worthy mixer is that it has 7 distinct features that allow it to be used for a variety of tasks. Need to whip up eggs whites to make a meringue? Then use speed setting seven. Need to make mashed potatoes? Then you should use speed four. That versatility makes it a model everyone should at least consider.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It’s seven speed settings and Soft Start feature makes it a very versatile kitchen tool.

#8 Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Mixer


I’m not quite sure that I need a mixer that has 9 distinct speeds, but the mind does boggle at all of the possibilities. However, that isn’t what impressed me with this model. What impressed me as the LED display that clearly showed me what speed setting the unit was on, and it’s easy to use push-button controls. I also really appreciated this mixer’s snap-on storage that kept everything together when I needed to store it away. And finally, it’s 220-watt motor might not have been the most powerful motor I ever saw on a mixer, but it did get the job done for mixing batters and making a meringue.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It has easy-to-use push-button controls and an easy-to-read LED display.

#7 KitchenAid 9-Speed Candy Apple Red Mixer


I don’t want to say that I was drawn to this hand mixer because of its beautiful candy apple red color, but let’s be honest here, that’s exactly why I liked it. Although I immediately fell in love with its looks, however, doesn’t mean that it didn’t have the features I need a mixer to have because it did. This model had 9 different speeds, had a swivel cord that allowed it to be used in either the right or left hand, and it came with several great accessories. This model also has a soft grip that made it easy to use and a no-tip heel rest that made it easy to set the mixer on the counter.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like that it had a swivel cord and a convenient to use heel-rest.

#6 Dash Smart Store Compact Mixer


This mixer has 3 distinct speeds, has convenient beater onboard storage and the entire unit weighs just slightly over 2-pounds. This makes it a great mixer for any kitchen, but is specifically awesome for small kitchens, dorm kitchens or RV kitchens. It has a powerful 150-watt motor, and it can operate at a low, medium, or high speed. It’s also available in several exciting colors that include aqua, grey, red, or white, so it can be color-matched to almost any household. All of which makes this unit great for use in the kitchen or for giving as a wedding or Christmas gift.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I love the fact that it’s extremely lightweight and that it’s simple to operate.

#5 Shardor 5-Speed Heavy-Duty Mixer


There are several things to appreciate about this 5-speed hand mixer. For instance, it has a convenient ejector button that makes removing the beaters nice and easy. It also has a convenient storage case that keeps it in arm’s reach at all times and keeps the beaters together with the machine. It also has a turbo function that makes it even more convenient to use. This unit also comes with a pair of beaters, a pair of dough hooks and a pro-whisk, so it can be used for a variety of jobs including mixing batters for cakes or cookies, or for whipping eggs or cream.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like it convenient storage case and that it has 5 distinct speeds.

#4 Cusinaid 5-Speed Handheld Mixer


5-speed settings, a 250-watt watt motor, and convenient one-handed operation are only a few things to appreciate about this mixer. It also has several other features that are worth talking about. As an example, I’ll give you a few. I like this model’s curved handle that makes it easy to pick up and makes it ergonomic to use. I also like that it has a one-button eject system that makes it easy to break down the mixer for cleaning and storage. I also like that has a convenient storage case that keeps all of its accessories together, so they don’t end up getting lost.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It has an onboard storage case and an easy-to-use eject button.

#3 VonShef 5-Speed Mixer With Turbo Button


Available in a stylish design and either red or blue, this hand mixer is an attractive addition to just about any kitchen. This model isn’t just a pretty face, however. It’s also a model that has the features people need these type of handheld mixers to have. For example, it has 5-speed settings that allow it to be used for everything from whipping up pancake batter to making egg whites. It also has a turbo function that expands its capabilities and an eject button for easy cleanup and storage. Another thing to enjoy about this mixer is that it comes with several attachments that make it convenient to use. These attachments include two beaters, two dough hooks, and a balloon whisk.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: I like that it has 5 speed settings, a good assortment of attachements and is easy-to-use.

#2 Braun Multi-Mix Black Mixer


I’m going to cut to the chase and describe what I like the most about this mixer. The feature that stands out for me is that it has 350 watts of power, and that power allows it to make short work of any mixing job. Since it’s approximately 50% more powerful than most mixers, it easily makes a meringue, beats eggs and mixes cake batters. It’s a great power, while appreciated, isn’t the only worthy feature found on this tool. It also comes with several accessories that can be used for all kinds of different cooking jobs. Accessories that include a multi-whisk, beaters, dough hooks, and a chopper.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: This hand mixer has a lot of power and comes with a good assortment of accessories.

#1 Breville Handy Mix Silver Mixer


This hand mixer has 9 distinct speed-settings, a powerful 240-watt motor that’s not only powerful but also quiet, and several handy accessories that make it easy to use. This model can be used for a variety of mixing jobs, and it always runs smoothly. Although it’s more expensive than many other handheld mixing tools, it’s still not as expensive as a stand mixer. Yet it has almost just as many capabilities. It features a count-up timer for recipes that require a precise mixing time used, a scraper that mixes to the edges, and a mixing light that allows ingredients to be viewed. And it also comes with a storage case, a couple of dough hooks, and a couple of balloon whisks.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: It has a powerful motor, 9-speed settings, a mixing light and some nice accessories.

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