10 Best Manual Can Openers in 2020 – reviews

You should never underestimate the benefits of quality kitchen tools. An old manual can opener can be as much of a hindrance as it is a help at times. This is why I only buy quality items. Not only do they last longer, but the quality from the first use makes life so much easier.

When it comes to manual can openers you need something sharp, easy to handle and that works first time. With better products, they will do all the hard work so turning the level is simple. Because having to replace a can opener is frustrating, I have compiled a list of the top ten on the market so you know that each of the following manual can openers are going to improve your day to day life, even if in a small way.

My Picks for The 10 Best Manual Can Openers

#10 EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener with Black Grips


I’m going to start with this popular product because it offers good value and I know a lot of people like to see a kitchen tool that is made in the USA. There is nothing overly fancy about it, but it works and is made from a quality carbon steel cutting blade that makes the secure handle easy to turn. It’s a sturdy construction with rubberized grips that feel comfortable when twisting the handle. The best thing about it is the smoothness as it goes around, almost feeling like an electric can opener.

Why I Like It: Quality materials
Sharp carbon steel cutting blade

#9 Jokari – Ultimate Easy Open Ring Pull Can Opener


Anyone who struggles to open a ring pull can, whether it be a soft drink, beer, or a can of food, you will know how frustrating it can be to not be able to get inside. Many people will find it easy but those with hand injuries or arthritis will tell you, this is the sort of device that makes life a lot easier. It fits under the ring pull and lifts when you pull the handle. When I have just done my nails, I don’t want to be messing them up on the side of a can, pulling at the ring pull so this is handy to keep around.

Why I Like It: Works on all types of ring pull cans
Easy to use
Good for the elderly

#8 Bartelli Soft Edge 3-in-1 Ambidextrous Safety Can Opener


This design might be a little different from the other manual can openers on my list but it certainly serves a purpose. It locks onto the can so you don’t have to apply pressure, taking the strain off of opening cans. There are also some neat features added to it as it can be used to open jars and bottles, this is something I like to see as it adds to the value. the stainless steel blade is sharp enough to get around stubborn cans and it is the ideal manual can opener for anyone who suffers from arthritis or hand pain.

Why I Like It: No squeezing required
Also has a bottle opener and jar opener

#7 OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener


OXO has a reputation for making these kinds of products the way you hope they will and this smooth edge can opener certainly feels comfortable in your hand. It makes light work of all can sizes and does not leave them with serrated edges that cut fingers. I like the fact that they have installed the included on the side which makes twisting it easy. The cutting blade is made from stainless steel and doesn’t come into contact with what’s inside. With built-in pliers to make removing the lid easy, they have thought of everything here.

Why I Like It: Leaves smooth edges
Pliers for easy removal of the lid

#6 Nogent Classic Service Super Kim Manual Can Opener


This looks a bit like half of it is missing but I assure you, this classic design is fully functional and easy to use. It fixes over the edge of the can easily and turning the handle from the top is smooth. It crimps the can to make sure there aren’t any sharp edges which is better for your safety and the butterfly handle is even coated in plastic to make it more comfortable to turn. Made in France, anyone who likes something a bit different will enjoy the design and it is convenient to store.

Why I Like It: Comfortable handle
Smoothes edges
Easy to turn

#5 Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Smooth Touch Can Opener


Cheaper manual can openers can be dangerous because of the sharp edges they leave around the lid. This is not a problem with Kuhn Rikon’s safety can opener. It has a side cutting technique that leaves smooth edges and features lock-on technology so you don’t have to worry about it slipping. The knob has been designed to offer extra comfort which is evident in not only the shape but the materials. What a lot of people like is the fact that the stainless steel blade never comes into contact with the food, making it hygienic.

Why I Like It: Comfortable handle
Leaves smooth edges
Blade does not touch food

#4 P-38 Can Opener and P-51 Can Opener


For something a little different, these reasonably priced can openers (you get two different sizes) are a bit of a throwback. The design was popular with the forces back in WWII and requires some force to use compared to the others on my list. I’ve included it because it makes a convenient addition to your camping bag if you need a can opener and it can also be used to open seams and cut edges. Less practical than something you might keep in your kitchen drawer but it is sharp, works well and is convenient to store away.

Why I Like It: Good for camping
Something a bit different
Very cheap

#3 ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet


Built a bit sturdier than most manual can openers, there is everything from a sharp blade to make light work of any can size and comfortable handles. The opener locks onto the can which makes sure you don’t spill or lose grip until you press the top lever top release it the lid. This is because of the magnet that helps you to lift it hands-free and dispose of it conveniently. There are a couple of colors to choose from which mainly changes the look of the soft grips on the handles.

Why I Like It: Magnet to make disposing of the lid easy
Sharp blade
Feels good in your hands

#2 KitchenAid Can Opener, Black


It’s hard to better the big brands when they get it right and KitchenAid has certainly excelled here. Their slick black manual can opener looks good and performs well thanks to the quality stainless steel blade that pierces the can and turns through with ease. The oversized knob is easy to twist as you hold the comfortable ergonomic handles. You get a 1-year replacement warranty when you buy it but going by the sturdy feel, you are unlikely to need it at any time. Easy to clean and with the brand name over the knob, it will make a great addition to any kitchen.

Why I Like It: Quality brand
Sturdy materials
Comfortable handle
1-year replacement warranty

#1 Kebley Stainless Steel Can Opener


This is the best manual can opener simply because it is well built, simple, and has a couple of neat extras. Although I’m not always swayed by added functions, it is always good to see a can opener that has a bottle opener attached. On top of this, the cutting blade is Zinc plated so it won’t rust and makes getting through any sized can easy. It doesn’t leave sharp edges and has a slick silver look that will fit in well with any style of kitchen. There’s nothing fancy about it, but with this sort of product, there doesn’t need to be as long as it works.

Why I Like It: Doesn’t rust
No sharp edges
Also has a bottle opener
Quality materials used

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