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9 Best Massage Oils in 2020 – reviews

When you are having a couples night in, a massage goes a long way to rub away the toils of the week. It can be a way for two people to connect but if you are anything like me, then the enjoyment is all down to the choice of massage oil. Because you feel relaxed, you need a scent that will keep you that way.

The best massage oils use carefully selected ingredients that are kind on skin and help to smooth the surface of your body, reducing friction to enhance the experience. Some of the products I have selected are edible, others are full of high-quality oils, and they will all help to enhance your experience.

My Picks for The 9 Best Massage Oils

#9 Maple Holistics Relaxing Massage Oil


For a therapeutic grade massage oil that you can use at home, Maple Holistics has several of products to choose from. This relaxing oil contains stimulating ingredients such as Ylang Ylang to tickle your senses when rubbed over your skin. The relaxing lavender and Sweet Almond combine to help out you in a chilled state after a rough day and the hypoallergenic formula is perfect for all skin types. Because it is infused with vitamins C, A, & E it leaves skin feeling hydrated long after the massage has finished. Free from sulphates, artificial ingredients, and parabens there is a lot to like about this quality massage oil.

Why I Like It: Relaxing ingredients like lavender
Free from sulphates and other nasties

#8 Naissance Fractionated Coconut


Fractionated so it remains a liquid whatever the temperature this product is a great way of getting a natural massage oil and can be combined with other oils. Add four drops of lavender oil or six drops of bergamot oil for a relaxing blend. It absorbs easily into your skin but provides a smooth surface that reduces friction so massaging hands can rub and feel their way over your body without irritation. Vegan-friendly, it is not tested on animals and has a variety of uses including nurturing hair and skin.

Why I Like It: Has a variety of uses
Can be combined with other oils for aromatherapy

#7 Weleda 100ml Natural Arnica Massage Oil


Thanks to its use of organic arnica extract, this quality massage oil is perfect for using after exercise as it relaxes sore muscles giving them some relief. It works by giving the body some vitality after a hard day and is 100% natural. You don’t get as much as other massage oils but you don’t need to apply a lot when using. It is free-from Parabens and sulphates and is vegan-friendly. It has a warming sensation and is enriched with plant extracts to provide added nutrients that sore muscles need.

Why I Like It: 100% natural ingredients
Arnica extract
No parabéns or sulphates

#6 Maple Holistic’s Natural Edible Massage Oil for Sensual Massage


For a truly sensual experience, this edible massage oil has a tropical flavour and contains oils to relieve stress. It leaves skin with a nourished feel and a vibrant glow and even reduces wrinkles and fine lines thanks to the inclusion of vitamin E. The inclusion of anti-cellulite oil is a smart one as it helps to keep skin young and firm. Made in the USA, this particular massage oil is recommended by aromatherapists so you know it must have impressed a lot of the right people.

Why I Like It: Edible tropical flavour
Contains anti-cellulite ingredients
Made in the USA

#5 Fox Envy Massage Oil for Women


An easy to use massage oil thanks to the pump that prevents spills and makes cleanup simple. It stimulates the muscles into a relaxing state thanks to the vanilla fragrance and glides on easily for a non-greasy, enjoyable massage. Safflower seed helps to soften skin and it is easy on sensitive skin allowing everyone to use this friction-reducing oil. It warms to room temperature and keeps your skin smooth and soft, allowing you to relax and say goodbye to stress. Made with nutrient-rich coconut in the USA, it is a great at-home massage oil.

Why I Like It: Pleasant vanilla scent
Safflower seed oil softens skin

#4 Relief Arnica Massage Oil


Not everyone wants a sensual massage, a lot of people look for the best massage oils because they need some relief after strenuous exercise and sports. This contains Arnica oil which is great for relaxing sore muscles and reducing stiffness. Whether the person using it is an expert or just helping out, it is easy to smooth over skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth without feeling greasy. It has a blend of eucalyptus oil, jojoba, and rosemary to give you a relaxing rest. It contains no parabens, is made in the USA and is a favourite in many households.

Why I Like It: Great for sports massage
Made in the USA
Contains relaxing oils

#3 New York Biology Ylang Ylang and Ginger Massage Oil


By using the highest quality ingredients this product made it into my top 3. The combination of Ylang Ylang & Ginger helps to promote relaxation deep into aching muscles. All the ingredients are natural and when applied by loving hands can help to reduce tension. New York Biology has included spa-level quality in every bottle and it can be poured into a running bath for a relaxing finish after a massage. The oil does not feel greasy and glides silkily across the body, hydrating it when the massage is finished.

Why I Like It: Relaxes aching muscles
Spa level quality
Can be added to a running bath
Made in the USA

#2 M3 Naturals Anti Cellulite Massage Oil


With the inclusion of collagen, this massage oil screams quality and has everything you expect from a professional level product. It is easily absorbed by the skin, toning it in the process and breaking down fat cells. It is infused with stem cell to make it anti-ageing and contains a variety of essential oils including eucalyptus, grape-seed, and lemon oil. These help tighten problem areas so use it all over the body to tone where you think needs it the most. The smooth feel makes it easy for hands to smooth over the body and is 100% natural and perfect for home use.

Why I Like It: Contains collagen which helps to tighten skin
Uses essential oils
100% natural

#1 Maple Holistics Sensual Massage Oil


For me, this is the best massage oil thanks to its combination of lavender and almond oil, as well as jojoba. The 100% natural ingredients are kind on skin and has a sensual aromatic scent that will please both the masseuse and the massaged. The combination of ingredients helps to improve the softness of tissue and has the right amount of glide under the hands to make sure the massage is enjoyable. It also does not create any greasy buildup and contains no Parabens of toxins, just professional-grade oils. It is hypoallergenic and will not stain clothes for a pleasurable massage before and after.

Why I Like It: 100% natural ingredients
No greasy buildup
Pleasant scent
Lavender oil and jojoba

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