10 Best Milk Frothers in 2020 – reviews

Whether you are trying to make the worlds best at-home latte, or just need something that will conveniently help you make better coffee, the best milk frothers will make a huge difference to your daily cup. For the serious coffee drinker, this will be a vital piece of equipment in the kitchen, so a durable and effective product is a must.

It’s not easy to get the milk right for your coffee, and I used to wonder how the baristas got it so right before I got my hands on a milk frother. Thankfully I’ve never looked back. When you try one of these top ten best milk frothers, you’ll never look back.

My Picks for The 10 Best Milk Frothers

#10 Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer (250ml)


This is a great entry-level milk frother that is also very good value compared to a lot of the competition. It has a large 250 ml capacity for milk frothing and is easy to pour, reducing the likelihood of spillages in what can be a messy task. It details the maximum levels of milk and even comes with a cleaning brush for those harder to reach places. The simple easy to understand buttons make it easy to change the settings. It makes great foam for coffees, hot chocolates, and is great for anyone who wants to try latte art.

Why I Like It: Easy to pour
Large capacity

#9 Nestle Nespresso 3694-US-BK Aeroccino3 Milk Frother


This stylish milk frother has a one-touch system that is super easy to use. Press the button a different amount of times to control what type of milk you like, and it shuts off automatically when finished. It works fast and can be cleaned easily. With a froth capacity of 4.1oz, it makes enough for your morning cup in a matter of seconds. As with most Nespresso products, it looks good but is only compatible with their other products. You can make hot and cold froth and is capable of handling larger amounts than their previous version.

Why I Like It: One button control
Works fast

#8 Milk Frother Electric Automatic Milk Steamer Machine


This stylish machine is one of the best milk brothers when it comes to looks and has a capacity of 100 ml for frothing, and 200 ml for heating milk. It takes under a minute to make thick creamy milk that is perfect for cappuccinos or lattes and the single button control system is easy to get used to. Once it gets to 149˚F it will automatically shut off and has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean. The silicon feet help to keep it in place at all times. If you haven’t used a milk frother before, this is a great way to get started and at the price, it is a bit of a steal.

Why I Like It: Great value
Easy to use
Non-stick coating makes it easy to clean

#7 Casara Milk Frother


Arguably the easiest mill frother on the market, it has buttons that help you to easily choose whatever style of coffee you would like. The different textures are consistent so for a great coffee every day, this is a smart choice. It helps you to avoid burning milk by using a manual frother and takes under 90 seconds to make your chosen froth. Something I like with a busy home, is that the sound indicator will let you know when it is finished, as with the LED display you can always tell what’s going on inside. Made from BPA-free materials, the stainless steel jug on top is easy to clean and makes it easy to pour once the quiet machine has worked its magic.

Why I Like It: Makes froth in under 90 seconds
4 preset programs

#6 Ninja Coffee Bar Easy Milk Frother with Press Froth Technology


For anyone on a budget, this makes barista style froth with just a little bit of work. You won’t need any electricity or batteries and although the glass beaker is strong, it still requires a little caution of course. Through a bit of plunging, you can have a creamy frothing in just a matter of seconds. You need to heat the milk first but when it is in, don’t overdo it, the mechanism will do all the hard work once you start plunging. I like it because it looks nice and doesn’t take up a lot of room and of course, the froth is great when you get used to it.

Why I Like It: No batteries or electricity required
Looks good
Great value

#5 Severin SM 9685 700 ml 500 Watts


This is a good entry-level milk frother because it is so easy to use. The 360-degree connector makes things simple and the stainless steel jug can be cleaned with no hassle. You can froth up to 350 ml of milk and heat up to 700 ml so it has a good capacity compared to a lot of the competition. You can also adjust the temperature, with 4 heat settings to get your coffee the way you like it. You can also open the lid to add syrup if you are into flavoured lattes.

Why I Like It: Adjustable temperatures
Easy to clean
Works fast

#4 Bellemain Stainless Steel Hand Pump Milk Frother


This hand pump might require a little graft, but it looks great on your kitchen side and makes great froth. It takes seconds to get a great froth, just pour in heated milk to get that cafe-style froth for your favourite coffee type. You can pout it in the dishwasher to clean and it is convenient to take anywhere since there is no electricity required. You can pour it straight from the jug for accurate distribution. The screw that attaches the handle stays in place well which is good because that is where the device does a lot of work. You get a creamy froth that doesn’t take as much effort as you think.

Why I Like It: Dishwasher safe
Works in seconds
Looks great

#3 PowerLix Milk Frother


A powerful piece of kitchen equipment, but it does lack the easy of other frothers. You do get a level of control with this handheld device and creates great foam within 15-20 seconds. It comes with a storage stand which means it can be put away easily and is perfect for making frappes at home. The powerful rotor spins at 19,000 rpm and is rust-resistant and incredibly durable. You might think that such a product would create a lot of noise but this is remarkably quiet, and easy to operate thanks to the button on top of the handle.

Why I Like It: Lightweight and easy to use
Does not make a lot of noise
Good for making frappes

#2 VAVA Milk Frother


A well presented stainless steel milk frother that has great functionality, making consistent froth every time. It is one of the most reasonably priced and can make cold, warm, and hot milk. You can use up to 3.9oz for frothing and up to 8.1 oz for heating. There is even an extra set of whisks which makes frothing easier but what makes it stand out is how quiet it is. This won’t disturb light sleepers when you’re waking early to make a coffee before your commute. It’s easy to clean and thanks to the jug design, it pours accurately every time.

Why I Like It: Makes cold, warm, and hot froth
Very quiet
Good value

#1 HadinEEon Milk Frother


This is a milk frother that can make cappuccinos, hot chocolate and lattes at the click of a button. You can make coffee shop style foam in 1-1.5 minutes depending on your chosen temperature and in the jug spout, it is easy to pour with accuracy. This also makes it easier to make latte art for the more experienced coffee maker. You can froth milk to be hot or cold and there are different temperatures you can choose from. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a 1-year money-back guarantee. With two different frothing whisks for heating and frothing, it is capable of doing everything at once, so you don’t have to.

Why I Like It: Fast frothing
Easy to use
Jug pouring technique

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Milk Frother Buyers Guide

I can start the day without a latte, and that’s before I leave the house! Although the beans and espresso machine are important, you can’t make good, bubbly milk without a quality milk frother. This is why I always recommend investing in something that ticks all the boxes, but a lot of people don’t even realize what makes the better options so good.

Because of this, I have created the following buyer’s guide, to help dig a little deeper into what to expect from the reputable products.

What To Look For In A Milk Frother


Every milk frother needs a bit of power and speed behind it to produce silky, frothy milk and unless you are using a manual product, this is where the RPMs are going to play a big part. Reputable products tend to produce thousands of RPM’s with anything around 18,000 being a good number.  

Quiet Operation

Just because you’re aking a morning coffee doesn’t mean everyone else needs to know about it. The better milk frothers on the market don’t make a lot of noise when in use, and that is exactly how I like it to be, even at top speed.

Different Modes

The consistency of the froth can be tailored to your needs with some products so if you want a latte, cappuccino, or hot milk, they can make it happen. These can be at the click of a button so when you need to play with the density of the milk, it is easy to do so.

Temperature Control

Not every product is going to permit this but the high-end options will make it possible. This means each mode can be tailored to the user’s specific preference, not everyone likes their latte scolding hot so being in control of the temperature is a big plus-point. 

Dishwasher Safe

Most milk frothers are dishwasher safe as some of the parts can be removed and placed through a cycle to clean it up. The easier this is the better as they can otherwise be tricky to clean and a quick rinse will not usually suffice.

Different Types of Milk Frothers


These are often considered the premium option and for me, make life a lot easier. They do a bit of everything so if you want to be able to control the temperature, density of the foam, or length of frothing, these are the best products. They can be trickier to clean and are not as portable as other options.


Mostly battery-operated, they are simple yet effective when it comes to creating froth. The downside is that they won’t heat the milk but for anything that has been preheated they work fast, are portable, and affordable.


These can come in. different shapes and sizes, from the French press style to aerator designs. The plunge style mechanism requires a little work but usually takes less than a minute to create the perfect foam. 

How Long Does A Milk Frother Take To Work?

Most products tend to take less than 60 seconds to produce silky, creamy froth that is ready to be poured over espresso to make the ideal cappuccino or latte. It is possible to customize the process in some models so if you prefer your morning coffee a little stronger, it is easily done.

Is A Milk Frother Worth It?

I like being able to produce barista standard coffee at home and without a frother, it is just not possible. They are excellent products for anyone who doesn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a high-end espresso machine with a frother on the side. Not only this, but they are easy to use, and are reasonably priced. 

Will A Milk Frother Work With Different Types of Milk?

A lot depends on the milk being used as some milk alternatives just aren’t as effective at recreating frother and foamy milk. However, it is possible to purchase barista-style almond or oat milk to name a couple and a milk frother will still be able to make a more than a passable dairy-free cappuccino. 

Do Frothers Heat Milk?

This depends on the product as electric milk frothers are usually able to heat milk to ensure it is coffee ready. Manual products and battery-operated handheld frothers aren’t usually capable of heating the milk so will require some pre-work first. 

How Much Does A Milk Frother Cost?

This depends on the type of product but usually, it is possible to pick up a reputable milk frother for $30 and above. This is a fraction of the price of a full-size espresso machine with a frother on the side.