10 Best Office Chairs Under 200 in 2020 – reviews

If you are anything like me, the small luxuries are an important part of your home office. I can’t sit in a regular chair, it has to be designed for the home office, especially when sitting for long hours. Having seen what back pain does to people, I know the importance of the right level of support that only comes with a quality chair.

The best office chairs under 200 have a lot to offer. A quality brand can give you amazing support, adjustable heights, and headrests and sturdy materials that last a long time. Because comfort is everything, I have created this list of the top ten that will suit any home office.

My Picks for The 10 Best Office Chairs Under 200

#10 DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


Let’s start with something a little different unless you gave worked in modern offices in the past. This kneeling chair might look something out of Google HQ, but it is becoming a popular option for people who need to improve their posture whilst working. Kneeling in the upright position increases strength in your abs and can hold up to 250 lbs. The cushioning is twice as thick as a lot of Dragonn’s competitors giving you added comfort when typing away. You can adjust it to your height to make sure you have the right stance. It’s not for everyone but if you’re looking for a kneeling chair for your home office, this is one of the best.

Why I Like It: Promotes better posture
Strengthens abs
Adjustable height

#9 OFFICE FACTOR Executive Ergonomic Office Chair


Anyone working in a warm office will appreciate the breathability and spongy feel of the mesh back, it is comfortable but firm enough to support most people. The armrests swivel and lift up and down so you can get close to your desk if necessary and the gas lift system allows you to adjust the height so everyone in the house can use it. The last thing you want when working from home is the distraction of an uncomfortable chair. The ergonomic design of this product promotes a comfortable working environment which is important for your productivity. The leather seat is spongy and durable and you can even purchase different colours to fit your home.

Why I Like It: Arms lift
Breathable mesh back
Ergonomic design

#8 REFICCER Bonded Leather Office Chair


A leather office chair that promotes breathability as the chair features tiny holes to ensure it breathes out as you move.
It is a tall office chair that tilts between 90 – 110 degrees for to you find the optimal tilt when working. It also has a rocking adjustment feature where you can tailor the movability so you can get the right amount of give and comfort. The memory foam seat cushioning is thick and has a quality feel to it making it great for long work sessions. With adjustable lumbar support and a professional look, it would make a great addition to most home offices.

Why I Like It: You can adjust how much it rocks
Breathable cover

#7 AmazonBasics Modern Low Back Armless Chair


For those who need a mix of functionality and value, amazon Basics offer a bit of both. The low back design is preferable for a lot of people as it helps to maintain a better posture where other chairs encourage you to slouch. The armless design is also good for keeping you focused and the minimalist design means it will fit into any workspace. You can buy them in different colours and the ribbed back looks good and adds to your comfort. If you are one of the many people who dread the assembly side of buying furniture then you will be relieved to hear that these are easy to assemble.

Why I Like It: Minimalist design
Easy to assemble
Good value

#6 TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Executive Computer Gaming Office Chair


Ok, this might look like a racing car seat but even if the sporty design isn’t for you, the functionality is worth trying. The comfortable seat is padded with memory foam to make it great for long sittings. The thick sponge inside helps to support your body, taking some of the strain away and promoting blood circulation. For taller people, the back is particularly high making giving it a great support for your head. Topsky has included a footrest and a recline range of 90 – 175 degrees. the recommended weight is around 225 lbs with a maximum of up to 300 lbs and it also has a removable headrest.

Why I Like It: Lots of extras included
Memory foam

#5 Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather


This quality office chair is built to last and is suitable for working or gaming for long periods. Depending on your style, you can choose from a few colours and the breathable mesh material reduces sweating and is water-resistant. To make sure you can sit comfortably, pull out the handle on the side to recline and lock it back in when you have the right position. The wheels allow you to move in any direction and it also swivels when you need it too. The height is also adjustable up to 3.1″ and the sporty design is slick, but still looks professional.

Why I Like It: Quality materials
Adjustable height and recline
Good value

#4 Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair


This office chair features a simple design but uses quality materials to create a sturdy seat that will last. The headrest has two purposes, it can be adjusted to fit you right, but also has a place for hanging shirts or coats on the back. With lumbar support to help your posture and mesh fabric to increase breathability, it is a chair that promotes comfort, even when sitting for long periods. The armrests are soft which is something that a lot of office chairs are guilty of neglecting and the ergonomic design features 5 caster wheels for 360-degree swivel.

Why I Like It: Hanger on the back
Meshing increases breathability
Very comfortable

#3 AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Task Office Desk Chair


Amazon may have replicated a common design but it is a classic one that will fit into any office space. The low-back design has adjustable levels so different family members can use it. There aren’t loads of unnecessary features, only the adjustable height but for something practical without breaking the bank, it is an excellent solution. The mesh-covered chair back and seat makes it breathable and adds to the comfort when using it for long work periods. The smooth casters will not scratch laminate and complete the stripped back look of this popular office chair.

Why I Like It: Available in different colours
Mesh back and seat for breathability
Great value

#2 Smugdesk Executive Office Chair


This is an office chair for under 200 that gives you a soft cushioned feel and a lot of comfort. It can be adjusted to 125 degrees of tilting so you can find the right angle that helps you to stay productive. The back has been designed to fit and support the spine which is important if you intend to use it for long periods. It even features armrests that can be moved up and down so you can get the right amount of comfort when you change sitting positions. The height is adjustable and the leather is padded to give a long-lasting comfort that looks professional in any office space.

Why I Like It: Adjustable armrests and height
Leather looks professional
Good value

#1 SPACE Seating 5705E Professional AirGrid Office Chair


For a touch of luxury in the home, this quality office chair features a breathable mesh back and soft eco-leather seat that is more comfortable than others in this design. The arms are adjustable to make sure you get the position exactly how you like it and with the adjustable supportive headrest, it allows you to work with the right posture to get hours of comfort. The materials are given the GreenGuard certification which means there are fewer chemical emissions to worry about than other products. It looks professional without being as big and chunky as taller, leather office chairs.

Why I Like It: Adjustable arms
Supportive headrest
Quality materials
Breathable mesh back
Great value

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