10 Best Pancake Mixes in 2020 – reviews

The secret to great pancakes lies in the quality of the pancake mix used in their making. Sure, the recipe also determines how flavorful or even tasteful the pancakes can be, but to ensure that they are chewy and easy to digest, you absolutely have to use a quality pancake mix. What’s great about pancake mixes, in general, is that they shorten the pancake preparation time by quite a bit, even more so if you follow certain recipes.

Although I do have to admit that not all pancake mixes deliver the same results, the good ones can drastically improve the taste and texture of any pancake batch regardless of the ingredients or the method used to make it. All in all, a great pancake mix is just as much about versatility as it is about flavor, which is why you want to spend that extra minute looking for the right mix. All things considered, here are the ten best pancake mixes you can find right now, both in regards to taste and convenience.

My Picks for The 10 Best Pancake Mixes

#10 Krusteaz Pancake Mix Buttermilk


With the 5-pound Buttermilk Pancake Mix, not only do you get quantity but an impressive amount of culinary freedom as well. Reason being that this pancake mix can be used for a number of different baked goods including waffles and cakes, thanks to the delicious buttermilk flavor that adds to the quality of this mix. It is also easy to make as you need to only add water to get a perfect consistency. The pancakes turn out light, fluffy, and delicious either way. What’s also great about them is that they bode well with any topping or have them as they are straight out of the pan, the choice is yours.

Why I Like It: It is highly versatile in the sense that you can use it to make chocolate pancakes, rainbow pancakes, fruit-filled cakes, and a variety of other delicious treats.

#9 Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix


The Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix stands out for all the right reasons. For starters, it is easy to prepare and requires only a specific amount of water to make the batter. The 32oz box comes with 2 packs so you never fall short of your favorite snack. With the classic, yet delicious, buttermilk flavor, your breakfasts will never be boring again. The ingredients and instructions for preparation are mentioned on the box quite clearly. You can enjoy these pancakes as they are or by adding toppings like honey, syrups, fruit, or whipped cream to enhance the flavor. Either way, the mix blends well with almost any type of ingredients, including fruits, sugar, or added flavors of your own making.

Why I Like It: When used as a pancake or waffle mix, it tends to blend well with pretty much any other ingredients and enhance the texture of whatever mix you might prefer to use it with.

#8 Krusteaz Sweet Cream Pancake Mix


If you’re looking for restaurant quality pancakes at home, the Krusteaz 5 Pounds Sweet Cream Pancake Mix is surely a great choice. The mix is easy to use and prepare and makes preparing pancakes extremely simple. All the ingredients are mixed together in the box, you just need to add the correct amount of water to it. One of the best features of the mix is that it contains zero grams of Trans fat which makes it great for those people on diets as well. Furthermore, the instructions on the box are also simple to follow and the cooking time is relatively quick, which is precisely what you want when making pancakes.

Why I Like It: Possesses a truly unique taste, the type you normally find in exquisite deserts that have little to nothing in common with your average pancake.

#7 Birch Blenders Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix


Organic products are the future and the Birch Blenders Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix is definitely one of the most sought-after breakfast mixes in that regard. With it, making light and fluffy pancakes is as easy as adding water to this healthy powder. The pancakes require very little oil or grease to cook which adds a number of health benefits. Making pancakes takes a few minutes with this special mix. All the ingredients used in this mix have been tested and tested to ensure that you only get the best. All the ingredients used are organic and non-GMO, which enables you to enjoy the pancakes as they are or to add toppings to it to enhance your eating experience.

Why I Like It: Due to its versatile formula, it can be used both as a base for exquisite deserts or as plain pancakes for you to enjoy with your breakfast.

#6 Stonewall Kitchen Pancake and Waffle Mix


One of the biggest names in gourmet food is Stonewall Kitchen and the Pancake and Waffle Mix is definitely one of the most trusted products they have. The light and fluffy pancakes come in a subtle, yet delicious buttermilk flavor which is great for healthy breakfasts, brunch snacks, or anytime treats. The pancakes are perfect with any kind of topping you prefer from fresh fruits to delicious syrups and whipped cream. This pancake mix is made in the USA and made with fresh and healthy ingredients. Apart from pancakes, this mix can be used to make waffles as well so you always have an option for your favorite breakfast snack without the need to improvise in any way.

Why I Like It: Both the pancakes and waffles you can make with it come out tasty and moderately crisp, delivering just enough sweetness to make them flavorful without any syrup or added sugar.

#5 Snoqualmie Falls Lodge Pancake & Waffle Mix


The famous Snoqualmie Falls Lodge Pancakes can be made at home now with their signature mix in just a matter of minutes, which is unique in the world of pancake mixes. The pancakes are perfect on their own or you can enjoy them with your favorite topping including syrup, butter, fruits, honey, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream. With a 5 pound bag, you can make these sweet treats for more than a couple of people. Bringing the beauty of nature into your home, this pancake mix is exceptionally good for breakfast, mid-day snack, or even for midnight munchies. Then again, this is precisely what you want to consider when making not only pancakes but any type of dessert.

Why I Like It: By far its stand-apart feature is the quickness with which it blends with virtually any other ingredients, meaning that you can use it to prepare pancakes in less than five minutes if needed.

#4 Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake Power Cakes Mix


Known as one of the healthiest pancake mixes online, the Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Baking Mix are made from 100% whole grains, 5 grams fiber, 14 grams protein per serving, and non-GMO ingredients. Preparing the mix is as easy as adding the required amount of water and mixing well – that’s it. The mix can be used for pancakes, waffles, cakes, and other baked treats. There is no added sugar, fat, or cholesterol which makes it the best option for a healthy and tasty breakfast. Interestingly enough, the box comes with 3 packs of the mix and simple preparation instructions to help you prepare delicious pancakes any way you wish.

Why I Like It: This mix is perfect for preparing Belgian waffles or any other similar dessert that requires a crispy texture, not to mention how fast you can prepare pancakes with it.

#3 Pamela’s Products Baking and Pancake Mix


Do you long to enjoy fluffy pancakes every morning? You can do precisely that with Pamela’s Products Baking and Pancake Mix 4 pound bag, a mix that you can reuse as often as you want after breaking the seal. The mix features no artificial preservatives or food colors to speak of, which ensures that you have a healthy breakfast by any standards. Each serving contains 8 grams of whole grains which only adds nutrients to your body. This incredible powder mix can be used for any type of baked treat including waffles, cakes, and pies. The mix is also gluten free which helps you stick to your fitness goals while enjoying a tasty snack.

Why I Like It: It is the go-to solution for anyone who enjoys a gluten-free breakfast. Along with the reduced gluten, the mix also stands out for how easy it blends with dry fruits or syrup.

#2 Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix


The Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix is probably one of the most popular pancake mixes out there. Made with quality ingredients, this pancake mix stands out from the rest for good reason. By including malted flour, the pancakes turn out light, fluffy, and have a delicious vanilla taste. The mix comes in a number of different sizes for small households to large families. Coming from the award-winning Stonewall Kitchen, you can expect nothing less than the best quality in gourmet food. The mix can be used for both pancakes as well as waffles and works equally well. Furthermore, all the instructions for making a stack of these delicious treats come with the pack and are easy to follow.

Why I Like It: This is a solid pancake mix by most standards, although it lacks a bit when it comes to preparing waffles. What it lacks in crispiness, however, it certainly makes up in flavor and texture.

#1 MET-Rx High Protein Pancake Mix Original Buttermilk


The Original Buttermilk MET-Rx High Protein Pancake Mix allows you to add protein to your diet in a tasty way. This mix contains 18 grams of protein per serving which is equal to 5 egg whites. It also contains the minerals and vitamins that are ideal for muscle metabolism. The mix is easy to prepare and requires the correct amount of water for the perfect consistency. The powder is also a great source of fiber and comes in an amazing tasting buttermilk flavor. With it, you get to enjoy light, fluffy pancakes in no time which contain just 2.5 grams of fat for every 2 scoops. It is ideal for bodybuilders and everyone who takes their fitness seriously.

Why I Like It: This mix can be used to prepare all-natural, healthy breakfast dishes and desserts, thanks mainly to its protein-based flavor. It also mixes very well with water and cooks quickly.

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What To Look For In A Pancake Mix

Pancakes are a delicious option for a breakfast meal and can even be eaten as a snack. But with the many pancake mix options available today it is hard to choose which one you would like. This primarily depends on your preference and taste more than anything, which is the case with most ingredients one buys. It is always good to be aware of the facts that come with your favorite snacks and the minute differences between different brands

Choosing The Best Pancake Mix

When it comes down to it, choosing the right pancake mix mostly depends on your personal preference. Some mixes are ready to cook by just adding some water while others require additional ingredients like milk, eggs, and more. If possible, you must look for a pancake mix that incorporates all the popular ingredients people usually use when making pancakes, including additional flavors one would usually get from sugar or syrup. In principle, a good pancake mix must contain two key ingredients:

  • Protein – For those who are keeping a watch on their weight but would still like to enjoy a few pancakes, there are many mixes that contain high levels of protein while some contain less fat. This way, you can still eat pancakes and keep an eye on your fat or muscle build up.
  • Buttermilk – Some people may or may not like buttermilk as an added ingredient to their pancakes. Most mixes that advertise buttermilk might not come with the real ingredient. It is essential that you check the labels well if you are choosy about this ingredient because it seriously affects the quality of your pancakes.


Most pancake boxes come with all their ingredients listed on the box, while some do not list them at all. It is therefore important to be aware of the various ingredients and whether they could cause allergic reactions. Reason being that your family members could be allergic to peanuts and soy and there are a number of pancake mixes that come with these ingredients along with various other allergens.

Light and Fluffy Pancakes

Everyone likes a light and fluffy pancake and that depends on the type of mix you choose. Check reviews from other customers who have tried the product to know how their pancakes resulted and whether the mix you’re looking for blends well with other ingredients. It is also important to ensure your batter is mixed well and does not stick to the pan as this could disfigure your pancake and make it messy.

Cooking With a Pancake Mix

When cooking a batch of pancakes using pancake mix, you should ensure that you are using the right ingredients, appliances, and recipes. Although different people use slightly different recipes when making pancakes, the core of the process is very much the same across the board.

  • Check the instructions on the box: Always check the ingredients before preparing your pancake mix and always read the instructions mentioned on the box. This would tell you whether you simply need water or you need to add other ingredients like eggs and milk. Not knowing what to add might cause your pancake to be too thin or to dry, which is something you want to avoid if possible.
  • Make sure the heat is evenly distributed: For evenly cooked, perfect pancakes it is very essential that the heat of your griddle or skillet is evenly distributed. In order to be sure, if your cooking pan is ready, you can always check by throwing in a splash of water. If the water immediately evaporates, the pan is ready, thus telling you that you should proceed with the process.
  • Toppings are important: The same way icing is important to any cake, butter and syrup are important to pancakes. A pancake needs a dollop of butter and a drizzle of syrup to take it to the next level. Pancakes without any topping are not just flavorless for the most part but they also suffer in regards to texture. Other toppings that can be added are fruits, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips etc, toppings that can also be incorporated into the batter mix before cooking.