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10 Best Peanut Butters in 2020 – reviews

Many of us have very fond memories of peanut butter. Whether we remember it being made into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, baked into delicious cookies or used to make incredible PB&J brownies, it’s a food item that’s been around for years. And it’s not only a very tasty food item, but it’s also one that’s nutritious and has a ton of protein in it.

It’s such a versatile food it’s enjoyed by millions upon millions of people all over the world. Its popularity has surged to such a level that you have to look through several dozen of them to find the one you like. Fortunately, I’ve looked over some of the ones available and have selected what I feel are the best kinds of peanut butter currently available.

My Picks for The 10 Best Peanut Butters

#10 Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter


If you think that peanut butter should be filled with all kinds of artificial flavors and colors, then you’re probably not going to like this product from Justin’s. That’s because it’s only made from a small handful of natural ingredients including dry roasted peanuts, organic honey, organic cane sugar, peanut oil, palm oil, and some sea salt. That’s it. Nothing else is in this product. Yet this well-balanced peanut butter has a delicious taste to it and is packed with 7-grams of protein and 2-grams of fiber in every serving. It’s a product good for PB&J sandwiches or any other use you can think of using it for.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: This product has a fresh peanut taste, and its ingredients list is pretty short and devoid of some of the artificial ingredients that can be found in other products.

#9 Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Spread


I’m not exactly sure what percentage of peanuts make up most peanut butter spreads, but I do know that 90% of what’s in this jar is dry roasted peanuts. This non-GMO spread only contains a few additional ingredients which include sugar, palm oil, molasses and of course, salt. Which means that this product is also gluten-free, kosher and is considered to be a natural product. It’s also a spread that is considered to be low sodium and provides up to 7-grams of protein per tasty serving. All of which makes this spread a great natural spread that doesn’t contain preservatives or artificial products.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: It’s a healthy spread that doesn’t contain preservatives or artificial ingredients and is mostly composed of peanuts, so it has a great peanut flavor to it.

#8 Teddie All Natural Super Chunky


After tasting this product, it’s easy to see why it was the number one selling natural peanut butter in the Northeast United States for quite some time. That’s because it’s a quality product that’s made from American grown peanuts and doesn’t contain any added sugars or preservatives. It’s made by a company that’s been making quality food items for the past 93+ years. And since it’s doesn’t contain spread in its name, this product is a truly natural product. Which means that it contains just two ingredients, dry roasted peanuts, and salt. It also means that it’s a non-GMO, vegan-friendly and gluten-free product, too.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: You can really taste the difference between this butter and other ones. It’s a natural formulation that really tastes like fresh peanuts and isn’t sweet like other peanut butter products tend to be.

#7 Fifty-50 Low Glycemic Peanut Butter


For people with diabetes, it can be difficult to find peanut butter that won’t raise their blood sugar levels. Fortunately, that no longer has to be the case with this product. It has no added sugar, so it’s less likely to spike blood sugar levels than ordinary kinds of butter or peanut spreads currently available. And not only is this product designed to be beneficial to diabetics, but the company spends some of their profits from the sale of the products to diabetes research. What’s really great about this product, however, is that it tastes great and also doesn’t need to be stirred like other natural kinds of butter.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: It’s finally nice to see a low-glycemic butter that not only tastes great but doesn’t need to be stirred to keep oil from pooling on top of it.

#6 Homeplate Creamy


All natural peanut spreads and kinds of butter are often known for their gritty texture or the layer of oil that tends to pool on top of them when they sit for long. Fortunately, this product doesn’t have those problems. Although it’s only made with four ingredients: peanuts, cane sugar, palm fruit oil, and salt, it doesn’t have a chalky texture and doesn’t have to be regularly stirred. It’s just a fine tasting peanut product that can be used to make PB&J sandwiches, cookies or can even be added into a protein shake to add a little bit of flavor. This creamy butter is also vegan, certified kosher and is gluten-free.

Why I Like It: Why I Like It: Not having to stir this product is definitely a plus, but I think what really makes it a good product is its nice, creamy texture.

#5 Hoosier Hill Farm Powder


Peanut butter powders have become more popular over the past few years, and after trying this 2-pound container of Hoosier Hill, I can now see why. At one point in time, I looked upon the powdered form of peanut spread as something to only be used for baking. Now I see that it can be used to make your own peanut butter. All of which means that the user gets to decide on how much salt, sugar, and oil they put in their homemade mixed product. Best of all, this product has a lot of fiber, a lot of protein, 25 essential vitamins, and minerals, and is cholesterol free.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: Being able to control the ingredients used to make your own peanut butter is a great reason to try this product out. I also like the fact that it makes baking and making smoothies a lot easier to do.

#4 PBfit All-Natural Powder


This powder can be used to not only make your own peanut butter but can be used for making healthy protein shakes or for baking as well. It has 87% less fat than traditional peanut spreads and has 8-grams of protein per serving. But one of the great things about this product, aside from its nutritional profile, is the fact that it’s only made with three ingredients: peanuts, salt, and coconut palm sugar. This product has about a third of the calories that other products have, and since it’s in powder form, it’s very economical to mix your own peanut spread for sandwiches, cookies or for other uses.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: This powder has more protein than other peanut spreads out there, but it only has about 1/3rd of the calories these products have.

#3 Bell Plantation PB2


Made from roasted peanuts, salt, and sugar, this powdered peanut butter is not only simple but also very nutritious as well. To use, all a person has to do is mix a tablespoon of water with two tablespoons of this powder for peanut butter that tastes great and is easy to spread. Because this product is in powdered form, it also has a nice shelf-life and is very economical to use. It’s a great product for making sandwiches, baking or for making peanut sauces. This all-natural formula has no additives and will also deliver a great taste that’s not replicated by a whole lot of other brands.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: This powdered product is easy-to-store and easy-to-mix, but the best thing about it is that it has a great taste that I really enjoyed.

#2 Bell Plantation PB2 Peanut & Chocolate Powder


Peanut butter and chocolate is a combination that’s not only traditional but is also quite tasty as well. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone put these two ingredients together in a fabulous tasting and easy-to-use powder. They didn’t just create a delicious product when they made it, but they also made one that is extremely nutritious. This product is made without artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives, and has 85% of the fat removed from the peanuts during the manufacturing process. The result is a powder which has a spectacular taste profile, provides a ton of protein and is very economical.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: Although the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is more than a good enough reason to love this product, what I really like is its high nutritional value.

#1 Jif Extra Crunchy


When I first rediscovered Jif Extra Crunchy, I thought nostalgia was interfering with my taste buds. After all, this product couldn’t taste as great as it does; It just has to be because I associate it with my childhood. Fortunately, that just wasn’t the case. The reason that this brand has endured for so many years is that it has a fresh peanut taste that no one can copy. And although it isn’t the most natural product available, it does deliver that special something that other kinds of peanut butter fail to deliver. Its fresh crunchy taste is great on sandwiches with jam, in oatmeal or even baked into cookies. It just can’t be beaten in my opinion.

Why I Like It: Why I Liked It: This peanut butter is still the king after all of these years because of its fresh, peanut taste and its crunchy texture. There’s just nothing like it.

More products also worth checking out:

10 Unconventional Uses For Peanut Butter

I think all of us know the traditional ways to use peanut butter. We all know you can make PB&J sandwiches using this product, that you can make peanut butter cookies with it and that you can put it on crackers. What many people don’t know, however, is this product is super versatile and can be used for more than this handful of uses. In fact, I think it’s so handy that every household should keep a jar of it in their cupboard. 

Keeping that in mind, I decided to write this guide which will give you some of the ways that peanut butter can be used around your home. Yes, I admit that some of the uses are quite unorthodox, but I don’t think that really matters. I really just want to illustrate how useful and cool peanut butter is and how it can be used by homes that may not even like the taste of it. 

1. Make Ants on a Log

Okay, this really isn’t an unconventional method of using peanut butter, but my children really love it, so I decided to put it into this guide. After all, it’s fun and makes for quite a healthy snack. To make ants on a log, all you have to do is put peanut butter in a piece of celery stalk and place raisins on top. The raisins make it look like ants walking on a log, hence the name “ants on a log.”

2. Gum & Glue Remover

I bet that you didn’t know that this product could be used to remove gum and glue, but trust me, it can.  If there’s gum in your hair or in your carpet, then place a bit of peanut butter on it and let it sit for a while. After a few minutes, you’ll be able to remove the gum. The same thing goes for glue. If you’re making a craft project and end up getting glue all over your hands, then rub some peanut butter on your hands. The natural oils in it will begin to loosen and break down the glue. It will then be a lot easier to remove. 

3. Make a Peanut Butter & Banana Malt

Another use for peanut butter is using it to make a milkshake. The recipe is pretty simple, too. To make 4-milkshakes simply combine a cup of milk, 6-tablespoons of malted milk powder, 4-tablespoons of peanut butter, 4 bananas, and 4-cups of vanilla ice cream in a blender. Then all you have to do is blend them all together and Voila! A PB and banana milkshake!

4. Shave Your Legs

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. This product can even be used to shave your legs, although I do have to admit that it leaves you smelling like peanuts. Peanut butter has natural oils in it that not only provide the lubrication the razor needs to pass over the skin but also moisturizes, too. Just be sure to use creamy peanut butter, however, because a crunchy one will end up damaging your razor. You may never need to buy shaving cream again if you keep a jar of peanut spread around your house. 

5. Keep Your Dog Busy

One of the greatest tricks I’ve found to keep my hyperactive puppy occupied is to load a Kong Dog Toy with peanut butter. Dogs love peanut butter, and they will spend hours trying to get every drop of it out of the Kong. 

6. Get Your Dog To Take Medicine

Another not-so-uncommon trick is to place your dog’s prescriptions in a little bit of peanut butter. After all, many dogs hate taking their medication, so disguising it as a tasty gift is a good way to bypass your dog’s suspicion and get them to take it. 

7. Windshield Cleaner

We all hate those bugs that end up getting squished all over our windshields while we’re driving. And while they’re just about unavoidable, there is a convenient way to get rid of them. All you have to do is rub a little bit of peanut butter on them and let it sit for approximately 12-minutes. After that time has elapsed, then spray the windshield off with a hose. Not only will the water wash away the peanut butter, but it will also carry with it those little insect corpses as well. 

8. Make a Peanut Dipping Sauce

Are you looking for a dip to dip pot-stickers or summer rolls into? Well, if you are, then you can make a quick and easy peanut sauce using peanut butter. All you have to do is add two-thirds of a cup of hoisin sauce, a third of a cup of water, a third of a cup of peanut butter, three tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of soy sauce in a bowl. Now whisk it all together until it’s nice and smooth. 

9. Moisturize Your Hair

My mother would add a little bit of peanut butter to her hair before she washed it, and I always thought she was crazy for doing it. It wasn’t until years later that she confided in me that the peanut butter made a great conditioner, and always made her hair nice and shiny. At first, I hesitated, but then I realized that she was right. Peanut butter does make a great conditioner. Just be sure to not use a whole lot, or it can be hard to remove. 

10. Fix Your DVDs

Another tip that I was skeptical about before I actually tried it was using peanut butter to fix a scratched DVD. At first, I thought the idea was completely ludicrous, and then I gave it a try, and it worked like a charm. Evidently, the oils in the peanut butter shine up the DVD, and it fills in any existing scratches. If only I knew it would be this easy to repair my DVD collection, I would’ve fixed my copy of Steel Magnolias a long time ago.