10 Best Pepper Mills in 2020 – reviews

Kitchen appliances are all the rage and it is the place where I like to add as many conveniences as possible. This includes finding the best pepper mill to make sure food gets a proper quality grind to improve the taste of every meal. Black pepper contains the anti-inflammatory pipeline which is also an antioxidant that helps your body to absorb the benefits of other ingredients.

This is why you want to get it into your diet and with a modern pepper mill, you make sure you remember to add it into your dinners. Pepper mills come in all sorts of designs, some with manual grinders whilst others are battery operated. Whatever you are looking for, my list of the top ten has something for everyone and every taste.

My Picks for The 10 Best Pepper Mills

#10 Electric Gravity Pepper Grinder


When convenience is key, this electric pepper mill is one of the best. It has a big container that keeps the pepper fresh and has an automatic grind meaning you only need to use one hand to tip it and the device will do the rest. An LED light illuminates when you twist it to turn it on and with two coarse settings available it looks modern. The transparent acrylic base allows you to see when the pepper is low and can be used as a salt grinder if necessary.

Why I Like It: Automatic pepper mill
Big container holds more peppercorns
LED light can be turned on and off

#9 Pepper Mill Imports Atlas Pepper Mill, Copper, 9


If you are big on design then this intriguing pepper mill would be an excellent addition to your kitchen. At 9″ it is tall enough to stand out, and the antiqued design of the copper will turn a few heads when guests come over. You can adjust the coarseness from fine to coarse and has a flowing base that keeps it stable. Although it looks good, it still manages to turn easily and is hand-made in Greece. It grinds the peppercorns rather than smashing them so you get the maximum flavour out of each grind.

Why I Like It: Adjustable coarseness
Grinds peppercorns for more flavour
Hand made in Greece

#8 PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill


This sturdy design comes in 4 different colours so you can match it to your current appliances. The turnkey function makes it easy to use and has a variety of coarseness settings to suit your preference. It is manual so it can save you money on batteries and has been featured on TV and used by celebrity chefs including Pierre Franey. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a ceramic grinder that doesn’t absorb taste. The clear base of this quality product allows you to save excess pepper for next time.

Why I Like It: Comes in 4 colours
Turnkey function is easy to use

#7 COLE & MASON Capstan Wood Pepper Grinder


This is the best wooden pepper mill thanks to the quality of the materials used and how it looks on a kitchen surface. Of course, it does the job you need it to – grinds pepper effetely through the carbon steel mechanism that is smooth to turn. If you are looking for a pepper mill that looks good on the kitchen table as you eat dinner, then this is the best you can find and even has an easy to adjust coarseness through the knob on the top. It is tall, easy to clean and strips peppercorns rather than crush them to deliver more flavour.

Why I Like It: Looks amazing
Adjustable coarseness
Strips peppercorns for better flavour

#6 Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill 9


The gold standard pepper mill for chefs, this looks slick but has the functionality to make it one of the best for professional and at-home use. Made from Italian and American parts it has a fast steel blade grind and has a large storage capacity of one and a quarter cup, meaning you will need to refill it less. The ABS plastic body makes it easy to clean and the coarseness can be maddened to your preference but once you have set it, it won’t slip and change.

Why I Like It: Looks great
Very fast grind
Easy to refill

#5 OXO Good Grips Accent Mess Free Pepper Grinder


The stainless steel design feels sturdy in your hand and looks great, and comes with the reliable OXO quality. The ceramic design is non-corrosive so it has the quality to last a long time and won’t absorb the flavour, leaving everything on the plate. The clear body allows you to see when the pepper is getting low and has an adjustable coarseness so you can get the right grind for the meal you are planning. The non-slip grip makes it great for using in a hot kitchen and it comes in 3 designs.

Why I Like It: Looks great
Ceramic grinder won’t absorb flavour
Clear body

#4 Cole & Mason H59401G Derwent Pepper Mill


Here I’ve found a quality pepper mill from a reputable brand and the modern design can be purchased in metallic or wooden finishes to match different kitchens. The grinding takes place over two stages. First, the grinder cracks the peppercorns then it shaves them to lock in flavour and prevent blockages. Most pepper mills only have two coarseness settings which are fine for most people but if you are pickier then the six settings from this product will be of great benefit. It is easy to refill by pulling the top off.

Why I Like It: Modern design
Two stage grinding for improved flavour
Six coarseness settings

#3 OXO Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel


Because a lot of the 2 in 1 salt and pepper mills just aren’t as effective, this set allows the user to get the best of both and a bit of quality in the kitchen. Personally, I like my kitchen appliances to match and the stainless steel design of these grinders will fit into a lot of homes. The grinding mechanism of both is on top to create less mess on kitchen surfaces and the adjustable coarseness if easy to change. The ceramic grinders don’t absorb any of the flavour so the true pepper or salt taste goes into every meal.

Why I Like It: Matching set
Stainless steel design looks good
Ceramic grinders don’t absorb flavour

#2 OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill


The stylish design of this manual pepper mill features a non-slip grip to make it easy to twist and provide a thorough grind. Thanks to the long arm, grinding is never a chore and you can even adjust the ceramic mechanism to provide a coarse grind, or a finer one. You can see through the clear door and know when it requires a refill. The pleasant design makes it a great addition to any kitchen counter and the base stays off the side ensuring there is minimal mess after use.

Why I Like It: Big handle and wide arm for an easy grind
Looks great
See-through door for easy refill

#1 Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder (Single Mill)


The convenience of a battery-operated pepper mill is something that everyone should experience. The one-button design makes it easy to get perfectly ground pepper with none of the work involved. The coarseness can be adjusted to suit the taste of the user or suit the meal that is being prepared. It even has a light that shines on food so you can see exactly how much pepper you have applied, this helps to avoid over-peppering which can ruin a perfectly good meal. Now you can pepper food with one hand, and it even comes with a 12-month warranty.

Why I Like It: Automatic pepper mill
One touch operation
12-month warranty
LED light shines on food

More products also worth checking out:

Pepper Mill Buyers Guide

If you’re anything like I used to be – you probably don’t even know why you add pepper to almost every meal, they just do it! However, with so many benefits to your health, not to mention the flavor of every dish, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a quality pepper mill. To help make this search easier, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the better products, as well as the reasons why it is worth your time.

What To Look For In A Pepper Mill


The adjustable coarseness setting is important, so choose a product that can be changed between fine and coarse pepper grinds. When using it to flavor a dish a finer grind might be necessary compared to topping a salad. Go for a pepper mill that can do it all.


This is where you can either match a pepper mill to your current kitchen theme or add a little flair. They come in all sorts of designs from the traditional to the modern so expect to find wooden products with a curved body as well as those slick metallic products found in modern kitchens. Whether it is going to take its place in the middle of the kitchen table or stay in a cupboard unless used, there is a style for everything.


Again, there are plenty of options here from the super tall, almost ridiculous-looking products used in the restaurant business, to something a little more practical. Time to decide whether you want a showstopper of a pepper mill for when guests arrive, or a product to blend in rather than take over, is another consideration.


Although most products can hold enough pepper to ensure no one has to refill it for some time, certain products have an even greater capacity. The problem with larger pepper mills is that when pepper is in the grinder for a long time, moisture can affect its ability to be ground which in turn can clog the device. Also, in some cases, it can even go stale.


All the moving parts inside a pepper mill that are used to grind the peppercorns are going to need to be durable, as any moisture, and the constant force used will take its toll. Most products are built to last with quality materials such as carbon used to ensure the user is not scrambling for a warranty anytime soon.

Can A Pepper Mill Be Used To Grind Spices?

Although they carry the word pepper in the name, they are not necessarily exclusively for this single use. They can be used to grind spices, unlocking the aroma and flavors in a way that only grinding fresh can. However, some concerns should be considered first. A lot of people will find that this method can result in contamination flavors so your next grind of pepper might be on the spicy side. With a decent clean, this can be less of a problem, and who knows, it might lead to some exciting blends!

Is A Pepper Mill Worth It?

When considering the benefits of using a pepper mill, many people find it to be better. To start with, freshly ground peppercorns are more potent in flavor, meaning it will require less pepper which can mean it also lasts longer. The health benefits including its anti-inflammatory properties and improved circulation and digestive benefits are more present, a win in all areas!

Will A Pepper Mill Wear Out?

Any quality product worth its salt will last for many years. There is some strain on the gears and blades used to cut through each peppercorn but with hardened steel and sharp carbon among some of the most common materials used, wearing out a pepper mill is not going to be something to worry about for a long time.

How Do You Clean A Pepper Mill?

Most pepper mills fall into a similar design so they are easy to clean. It all starts with unscrewing the top nut and removing the top. Then, carefully empty any remaining peppercorns or ground pepper into a dish (or throw it in the trash if there isn’t a lot and you want to use fresh peppercorns when clean.

Tip it upside down and tap the bottom to get rid of any excess before using a dry brush to clean.

What Is The Best Pepper Mill?

After reviewing multiple products we found that the one that stood out the most was the Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder (Single Mill). Not only does it offer the best of both worlds with salt and pepper, but it saves space, comes with a 12-month warranty, and is made from quality materials. Its stand-out feature is the light that shines on the food so it is easier to see how much pepper you are using, and the coarseness is easy to adjust.