10 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in 2020 – reviews

Even the best baristas use a simple coffee-making technique to make a quick, delicious cup of coffee at home. A pour over coffee maker is one of the most common methods and is known for being able to extract a rich aroma, and a cafe-style Americana every time. It doesn’t take any training, and you will master the simple system in no time. Of course, many factors go into making the perfect coffee, and the best pour over coffee maker is a great place to start.

I use one every day, and when you have finished this run-through of the top ten, you will see why. Only quality products have made it onto this list, and each one of them will make you an incredible cup every time.

My Picks for The 10 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

#10 Kalita Wave 185 Drippers


The simplest of methods, a consistently good one. So many people trust the Kalita Wave with their morning brew, and in the clean design, and flat bottom technique, you will see why from the first cup. It is tiny, making it ideal for those who want to make a great coffee at home, then take it into the office. Probably the easiest product to use based on the fact that you don’t need to get precise measurements of coffee to make a great cup. All you need is some filters and you can choose from three different materials to suit your taste. I like the ceramic version but you can also get stainless steel, and glass.

Why I Like It: Easy to use

#9 Pour Over Coffee Maker By Coffee Bear


With a stainless steel filter, you don’t need to waste paper, and it allows you to make a coffee with all the great oils and aroma going through to the cup, not staying in a throw-away filter. The silicon collar is heat resistant and allows you to pour with confidence, there is even a lifting tab that will help you to grip without burning yourself. It is made from quality glass and is known for its durability. It also comes with a home brewing guide to help you get to grips with the brewing method, and get you on your way to making the perfect brew every morning.

Why I Like It: Silicon collar
No filters required

#8 Apace Living Pour Over Coffee Maker


With a permanent stainless steel filter, you don’t have to worry about affecting the environment with paper filters, and it even seals in the taste of coffee by maintaining its oils. The incredibly durable glass is BPA free and will last a long time. Not to mention the fact that it looks great on any kitchen surface. It won’t splinter or crack and is heat resistant. The cork grip with leather tie looks good, but is also very practical, allowing you to pick it up without worrying about burns. It makes 2-3 coffees at a time so it is perfect for couples and comes with a 1-year warranty. Great for a consistently good coffee, with minimal clean up required.

Why I Like It: No filters required
Cork grip

#7 Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper


Ceramic seems to be on-trend at the moment, and this neat little pour over coffee maker has the looks to make it easy to see why. Available in several colours, and also available in a glass version, it is easy to use. The ceramic body is good because it retains heat, and the cone shape helps to create a better brew, keeping the aroma and flavour where you want it. You can tailor the coffee taste using the large hole, pouring water to help make your ideal cup. The spiral design keeps the filter in place, and it offers beginners a chance to use a simple divide that makes great coffee.

Why I Like It: Simple design
Ceramic body retains heat

#6 E-PRANCE Honeycombed Stainless Steel Coffee Filter


A good value option for those on a budget, but also anyone who wants a simple device that takes the fuss out of making coffee. The neat honeycomb design is functional, filtering out the tiniest grinds to make sure residue is minimal. The separate stand fits onto most cups making this pour over coffee maker one of the best. The silicone handle is resistant to heat so can be handled even when the stainless steel parts are hot. It can be put in the dishwasher and makes anything from 1-4 cups at a time. It’s portable and can be put away in a draw.

Why I Like It: Compact design
Simple to use

#5 Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter


A well-known brand in the coffee game, this simple device allows you to make a consistently good cup of coffee in a matter of minutes. The permanent filter is made from stainless steel which allows your coffees oils and flavours to make their way into your cup, instead of being absorbed by paper filters. The heat resistant glass has been designed to look good on any counter, whilst retaining the heat to keep your coffee warmer for longer. It makes 8 cups of coffee and is dishwasher safe. The band is available in silicone or the striking cork design.

Why I Like It: Looks great
No filters required
Makes a great coffee

#4 Clever Coffee Dripper, Large


This is one of the better options for anyone who is just starting in the world of pour over coffee. You place it over your cup and it works its magic as you pour water over the coffee. There is a stop mechanism that allows you to pour the water into the device before you put it on your cup. When you feel the temperature is ready, you can release the stop button, and it will pour for you. From from BPA free plastic, and capable of holding up to 18oz, it is easy to clean, portable, and guaranteed to make you outstanding coffee every time.

Why I Like It: Easy to use
Stop mechanism

#3 Chemex Classic Series


This list wouldn’t be complete with the famous name of Chemex, and their striking Class Series. It is one of the better-looking devices on the list, and also one of the most functional. Others have tried to imitate the hourglass design, but few have come close to replicating its quality. Made from Borosilicate glass, it does not absorb chemicals and it can be covered or put in the fridge without losing quality. The filter is thicker and will absorb the coffee’s oils, giving you a better coffee, and stops water flowing so quickly, improving the flavour. It requires a little more skill than some of the competition.

Why I Like It: Looks amazing
Makes a great coffee
Quality materials

#2 Chemex Glass Handle


Because this comes in a 10-glass design, it is a favourite of many families, due to the fact it is easy-to-use and makes a great coffee. It gives you one of the best-tasting pour over coffees thanks to their extraction method, from the non-absorbent glass, and when used with their bonded filters, it will make the perfect coffee. Using this means there will be no sediment at the bottom of the cup, and the handle makes it easy to pour multiple cups in one go. The impressive design is typical of this famous pour over coffee brand and will last a long time.

Why I Like It: Makes great coffee
Excellent design
Easy to use

#1 Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer


The ultimate in pour over coffee makers, many baristas use this neat device to make the perfect cup every day. The carafe is free from BPA and is available in 3 sizes so it is perfect for an individual, couple, or family. The stainless steel mesh of the permanent filter allows you to keep all the goodness from the coffee and is environmentally friendly as you won’t be throwing away paper filters every day. It won’t rust and is built to withstand the heat of boiled water. There is a filter grip so when you are pouring you don’t spill, and the sturdy glass is heat resistant. It’s simple to use and comes with a handle for pouring.

Why I Like It: No filters required
Great design
Comes in 3 sizes

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