10 Best Rolling Papers in 2020 – reviews

Choosing the best rolling papers is just as important as the quality of what you choose to roll up. The material the paper is made from, the thickness of the paper, and how it’s manufactured all determine if the papers will burn evenly and also determine how they’ll taste when they’re lit up. Make the wrong decision, and your smoking experience can be downright disappointing.

Although picking the best papers for rolling is vital to enhancing the smoking experience, it’s not always an easy thing to do. There are dozens of different brands out there, and all of them claim to be the best. To clear through this smokescreen, I decided to get to the bottom of the matter and find out which ones were the best.

My Picks for The 10 Best Rolling Papers

#10 Hornet Flavored Rolling Papers 1-1/4-Inch Size


Not only are these rolling papers unbleached and made from raw paper, but they’re also made in an assortment of lip-smacking flavors. These papers are available in 17 delicious flavors including strawberry, cherry, blueberry, melon, banana, peach, lemon, mango, coconut, mandarin, red raspberry, pineapple, and many more. Each of these pack of papers come in a 1-1/4-inch size, and there are 50 papers per pack. This set also comes with a glass cigarette filter as well. These are papers smokers are really going to enjoy lighting up.

Why I Like It: They’re made of unbleached paper and come in a wonderful assortment of flavors.

#9 Zig Zag White Single-Wide Rolling Papers


Zig Zag is a company that first started making rolling papers in 1855 in France, so it’s probably safe to say that they know a thing or two about how to make great cigarette papers. And until a person has smoked these light papers, then they haven’t experienced a quality paper. They are 1-1/4-inch papers that always burns evenly and slowly and comes with 32 leaves per pack. This display set comes with 24-packs, so that means that stores can set this set up as a display or smokers have 768 papers available to them for their smoking needs.

Why I Like It: These papers burn nice and slow and never taste bitter.

#8 Juicy Jay’s Mixed 1-1/4-Inch Flavored Cigarette Papers


These papers from Juicy Jay’s might seem like just some other flavored rolling papers, but they’re a little bit different than most brands. That’s because they have quite an unusual profile of flavors that other cigarette paper companies don’t offer. For example, how many flavored paper companies sell absinth flavored papers? Not many, I expect. Other flavors they offer include watermelon, banana, grape, blueberry, cherry and more. Each set comes with 10 packets and each packet is a different flavor. Each packet comes with 32 papers, so that’s 320 1-1/4-inch papers for your smoking pleasure.

Why I Like It: They smoke smoothly and come in some interesting flavors.

#7 Zig-Zag Organic Hemp 1-1/4-Inch Papers


Wouldn’t it be nice to smoke something that’s not only all-natural but is also made from 100% renewable hemp fibers? Well, now you can, thanks to these quality rolling papers. These papers are made from pure hemp fibers sourced from organic farms, so smokers can rest assured they’re getting a more natural product. Each of these papers is also ultra-thin, so it’s almost like the paper isn’t there at all. These unbleached rolling papers come with 50-papers per packet, so smokers always have a paper available for their needs.

Why I Like It: They’re unbleached and are made with hemp sourced from organic farms.

#6 CAM2 Moon Pre-Rolled Cigarette Papers


Each booklet contains 50 rice-paper papers that are made without using harsh chemicals, are more environmentally friendly and burn consistently every time they’re smoked. They’re also made with a natural glue that’s easy to lick and holds tightly when it’s rolled. These papers have a width of 1.25-inches, so they are easy to roll by hand or in a cigarette rolling machine. All of these things considered, it’s easy to see why so many turns to these papers for their smoking needs, especially when you consider that these papers are often less expensive than other brands of rolling papers.

Why I Like It: These papers don’t cost a lot but they smoke well.

#5 RAW Unrefined Classic 1.25-Inch Cigarette Papers


These rolling papers are manufactured in Spain using only the highest-quality natural hemp fibers that are unrefined and additive-free. That means that they not only burn better, but they taste better and they’re not as unhealthy as cigarette papers made with bleached paper. Because of how these papers are manufactured, they’re also 100% vegan and are even made with a plant-based natural gum as an adhesive. That makes these 1.25-inch papers ones that many people are going to enjoy rolling and smoking.

Why I Like It: I find it great that they’re made using only natural hemp and are made without any additives.

#4 RAW Classic King-Size Pre-Rolled Cones


Hand rolling is a bit of an art and no one is a better example of that than me. As hard as I have tried, I have never been able to successfully roll a cigarette. Sure, I’ve come close, but have never been successful in rolling one that looks the way it’s supposed to look. Fortunately, I don’t have to thanks to these classic king-size papers. They’re already pre-rolled cones that come with tips, so I can fill them and smoke them. And because they’re manufactured by RAW, they’re completely unbleached and are made with a natural gum line.

Why I Like It: They’re perfect for people who are tired of rolling or can’t handroll their cigarettes.

#3 TOPS Fine-Gummed Rolling Papers


There’s a popular rumor that the band ZZ Top got their name from a combination of Zig Zag and TOP rolling papers, but that has since been debunked. However, what hasn’t been debunked is that TOPs are not only iconic rolling papers, but they’re some of the best ones that anyone can use. These papers are French-made, are finely gummed and deliver a smoking experience that’s hard to beat. These papers are easy to roll, burn nicely and have a nice draw to them. It’s no wonder that people are equating these legendary papers with legendary musicians and probably will continue to do so for quite some time to come.

Why I Like It: These papers burn well and draw extremely well.

#2 Elements 1-25-Inch Ultra-Thin Rice Papers


Element rolling papers feature booklets that solve a problem that people don’t realize is a problem until it’s been solved. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the magnetic closure mechanism that’s found on each booklet of these sensational rolling papers. They keep the package closed at all times. As important as that is, however, what’s important about these papers is that they’re ultra-thin, made of rice paper and have an adhesive that’s made from a sugar gum. That allows them to roll easily, burn smoothly and produce a better draw than comparable papers.

Why I Like It: They’re ultra thin and roll very well.

#1 Zig Zag Ultra-Thin 1-1/4-Inch Papers


Although Zig Zag papers have been around for 165+ years, I feel that few people realize just how great these cigarette papers are, especially these ultra-thin papers. These papers are very easy to roll, even by someone inexperienced as I am, and they’re made with a natural Arabic gum that’s easy to seal. They’re a product that’s made in France and each pack comes with 32-leaves. Using these papers to smoke is almost like not using papers at all, which is what makes them so exceptional. And all of those are reasons why they’re the best rolling papers that are out there at the moment.

Why I Like It: They’re tasteless and are almost undetectable as they’re smoked.

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A Guide To Buying The Best Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are not something that people give a lot of thought about buying, even if they buy them regularly. Many people wander into their local convenience mart or gas station and grab whatever pack of papers they happen to have in stock. Unfortunately, that’s probably the worst thing that people can do, and this is especially true if they’re new to rolling cigarettes. That’s why I decided that I would sit down and pen a guide that will help rollers of every skill level purchase the best rolling papers for their needs. Sound exciting? Well, if it does, then we should get started.

Let’s Start With Skill Level

As I sat down to write this guide, I was confronted with the fact that there were several different ways that I could write it. I could start with the size of the rolling papers first, or whether a person wants to choose a flavored or non-flavored pack of papers. Instead, I decided to start with the skill level of the roller. It’s been my experience that what the papers are made out of greatly affects how easy or hard they are to roll, so I decided to start there and write this section of the guide.

Hemp & Organic Help Are The Easiest To Roll

Skill Level: Beginner

Anyone new to rolling should consider buying hemp or organic hemp rolling papers. That’s because they’re the easiest ones to roll. They’re not so thin that they easily break or split, and they’re not so thick that’s they’re difficult to roll up. They allow the user to get a good grip—which anyone can tell you is vital for rolling.

Rice Paper Rolling Papers

Skill Level: Intermediate

People who aren’t new to rolling but aren’t exactly experts either might want to go with rice paper rolling papers. These papers aren’t as coarse or as thick as most hemp papers, but they aren’t as thin as the extra-thin papers that can be bought nowadays. These papers don’t burn very fast either, so the smoker doesn’t have to worry about them burning up prematurely.

Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers

Skill Level: Expert

For people who consider them to be rolling experts, there is no better choice than ultra-thin rolling papers. Although these papers do require a little more care to keep from tearing, they can be rolled very tightly and they smoke cleaner than other types of papers. Properly rolling with these papers will produce a low ash cigarette that burns with a cleaner intake.

Think About Rolling Paper Size

The next thing that people should consider when they’re purchasing rolling papers is their size. Unfortunately, consumers have a lot of options available to them as far as size is concerned, so they’re going to need to think about which size is going to better fit their smoking needs. To help my readers out, I’ve decided to list some of the more common rolling paper sizes, so all my readers can better find the ones that work the best for them.

Single Wide

Single wide rolling papers are extremely small, so they’re not for everyone. They can be especially frustrating to people who are new to rolling. With that being said, however, once a person practices and learns how to roll with these papers, then there’s no other size that can be rolled as tightly. And if you roll tightly with this, then it’s going to burn a lot slower. However, it needs to be said that if the end product is going to be shared, then this isn’t the size of rolling papers you’re going to want to use.


These papers are some of the most popular ones around and there’s a good reason for that fact. That’s because when they’re rolled they are more like the size of a regular cigarette than ones that are rolled with other sizes. These papers work well for smoking with small groups of friends and two to three people can share a joint rolled with this size paper easily.


These papers are larger than standard sizes, so they’re especially useful for groups of smokers 3 or 4 people strong. Because of their enhanced size, they’re easier to roll, but the roller will have to use a lot of tobacco or other product to fill it up, so they should keep that in mind before they purchase these papers. They aren’t as big as Double Wide Papers, but they’re still bigger than 1-1/4-inch papers.

Double Wide

Double wide papers are very large, which is why they’re the least popular size of papers currently available. They’re great for beginners to use because they’re larger, but if the roller doesn’t roll them correctly, then they will end up smoking more paper than what’s inside of it. People just starting with rolling might want to start with double wide papers and then move down to 1-1/2-inch once they’ve mastered rolling. In my opinion, 1-1/2-inch rolling papers have a more satisfactory ratio of product to paper than double wide papers.

King Size

King size papers are extremely large, so they’re good for groups of more than four people. These papers require a large amount of product and if they aren’t rolled correctly, they can end up burning more cannabis than the people smoking it can take in. Kingsize slims are also an option and these rolling papers tend to be more manageable than regular king size papers.

Consider Rolling Paper Flavor Or Lack Thereof

The last thing a person is going to want to consider when buying rolling papers is whether they want to go with a more natural rolling paper, whether they want a bleached rolling paper, or whether they want a flavored rolling paper. When it comes to papers, consumers have a lot of choices available to them, so they should choose the one that best suits their tastes. It really all depends on whether the smoker wants the product rolled into the paper to stand out or whether they want to add a bit of flavor to each hit.