10 Best Side By Side Refrigerators in 2019 – reviews

The best side by side refrigerators offers benefits to the homeowner that can’t be beaten by conventional fridges. They not only keep more of the food at eye level, but the freezers tend to be larger so that frozen food doesn’t become buried. And since their doors require less space to open, these appliances can be placed in more areas than conventional refrigerators.

Finding the best appliance isn’t always an easy proposition, however. That’s why I decided to do the research and find out which refrigerator models were the best and which ones were probably best being left alone. The following models are the result of all of my hard work, and I hope that it benefits you as much as it did me.

My Picks for The 10 Best Side By Side Refrigerators

#10 Frigidair 36-Inch Freestanding Refrigerator


This side by side refrigerator not only has a nice sleek black color that complements many modern kitchens, but it also has a spacious 25.6 cubic-foot capacity that allows homeowners to hold more of their food. This 25.6 cubic feet of space is broken up into 16.54 cubic feet of actual refrigerator space and 9.03 cubic feet of freezer space. It also features humidity-controlled crisper drawers, fully adjustable interior shelves, and this model has a digital display that tells the consumer the inside temperature of the refrigerator.

Why I Like It: It’s black stainless steel design really does look good in any modern kitchen

#9 GE GSS25GMHES Slate Grey Fridge


People who browse the appliance departments of big box store almost always stop when they see this quality side by side fridge from GE. That’s because it has a beautiful slate color that captures a person’s attention immediately. However, that’s not the only great thing about this appliance. It also has a host of other features that are worth mentioning. This 25.4 cubic foot model has adjustable, spill-proof shelves that slide out and have raised edges that help to keep spills from spreading throughout the fridge. It also has a dispenser that can provide cubes, chilled water or crushed ice, and this fridge’s surface is easy-to-clean.

Why I Like It: This refrigerator has a slate grey outer surface that’s easy to clean and spill-proof adjustable glass shelves.

#8 Daewood FRS-Y22D2T Side-Mounted Fridge


This 20 cubic-foot side-mounted refrigerator has a silver exterior that’s easy to clean, automatic water and ice dispenser, and is equipped with a fresh care crisper to keep vegetables fresh. Other features found on this quality fridge is a dairy pocket, moisture control, and an inverter compressor. Although it’s smaller than many other comparable models, which may be a concern for some people, it’s size makes it a good fit for many smaller homes. Overall, it’s a high-quality fridge that should work quite well and is easy to clean and maintain.

Why I Like It: I like that it has an ice dispenser, has an easy-to-clean exterior and has moisture-control technology.

#7 Frigidaire Profesional Series Fridge


Okay, even I have to admit that this professional-series refrigerator might be too large for most households because it’s specifically built to handle the food storage needs of restaurants, bakeries, and stores. However, it might just be the perfect solution for large families who need a lot of food storage space. This model has 19 cubic feet of space in both the freezer and refrigerator sections, so it can hold a whole lot of food. It also has bright LED lighting that makes finding food a lot easier and comes with a Power Plus Ice Maker.

Why I Like It: I love how much space it offers and its bright LED lighting that makes spotting food easy.

#6 Frigidaire Gallery 22.2 Cubic Foot Refrigerator


With a classic look to it and a 22.2 cubic-foot capacity, this side by side refrigerator is sure to be appreciated for its features. This model features a chill drawer, adjustable interior storage, and a smudge-proof stainless-steel exterior that’s easy to wipe down once children have left their fingerprints all over it. The best thing about this fridge, however, is that it manages to keep more things at eye-level than other types of fridges, so it’s harder to lose track of food. And that results in less food waste, at least in my household.

Why I Like It: It keeps more food at eye-level, so it I don’t lose track of it. This means less food waste.

#5 Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 36-Inch Refrigerator


This beautiful refrigerator has a nice stainless steel finish and a total capacity of 25.5 cubic feet. That means that it has a fresh food section that’s approximately 16.5 cubic feet in size and a freezer section that’s 9 cubic feet in size, which is large enough for most families. This appliance also has an energy-saving feature, 2 clear 1-gallon door bins, and a clear dairy door. Other features include cantilever shelves, LED lighting, and a clear upper crisper. And since the interior storage is adjustable, consumers can customize it in over 100 different ways to meet the needs of their families.

Why I Like It: I love the fact that I can customize its interior storage in so many different ways.

#4 Frigidaire FFSS2315TS 33-Inch Refrigerator


There are quite a few things to like about this side by side refrigerator. For one, it has a total capacity of 22 cubic feet, which can be broken down into a 14.2 cubic foot fresh food section and a 7.9 cubic foot freezer section. It also has 2 flat-edge glass shelves, a dairy compartment with a clear door, a clear deli drawer, and 1-gallon door bins. It also has LED lighting. And because its interior storage is customizable, it can be configured in over 100 different ways.

Why I Like It: This model’s LED lighting and customizalbe interior is great for keeping food organized.

#3 Frigidaire 64-Inch Built-In Fridge & Freezer Combo


This model is so large, it can handle the food storage needs of just about any family. It’s a 64-inch model that features a full upright freezer and a full upright fridge, built into one unit. The freezer has two Space-Wise Baskets, two Space-Wise adjustable shelves, and has a soft freeze zone as well for the consumer’s convenience. It also features a full 18.6 cubic feet in both the freezer and fridge section, so there’s plenty of room. And it has a stainless steel finish that’s easy-to-clean and has a modern look to it.

Why I Like It: It’s so large, enough food to feed an extremely large family can be stored inside of it.

#2 WP Restaurant Fridges 52-Inch Refrigerator


Even though this refrigerator is technically made to be used in restaurants, it does have a lot of features that many people would appreciate. For one, it has a large 49 cubic feet of food storage space, so plenty of food can be stored in it at one time. It also has a temperature range that’s adjustable from 33 to 41-degrees Fahrenheit. And it has an ergonomic design that features recessed door handles that are easy-to-open. All of this makes it a great side by side fridge for anyone who can afford it.

Why I Like It: It’s large size and ergonomic design makes it easy to use.

#1 Frigidaire Professional Stainless Steel Refrigerator Freezer Combo


This side by side refrigerator has a lot of space to store a lot of food and it has a classic design that allows it to fit in with the decor of most kitchens. It has 19 cubic feet of space in its fresh food section and 19 cubic feet of space in its freezer section. It also features Space-Wise storage baskets that slide out, five adjustable clear food storage door bins, and multi-level LED lighting throughout. It also features a stainless-steel exterior that’s fingerprint resistant and has a classic look to it.

Why I Like It: I love how spacious it is and how easily I can organize food inside of it.

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