Behind the scenes of the Super Women Campaign

It's been a huge couple of months for the Brooke Roberts label, preparing for the launch of the new eStore (just a click away from where you are right now) and shooting the Super Women Campaign for Spring Summer 2015.

The Campaign was an ambitious and merely flickering idea in my mind as I rushed to an early morning hospital shift three months ago. I had just begun designing the collection and the campaign idea started as something like this *text bubble* What if I shot the collection on inspiring and pioneering women - women I admire and would like to know; women who are my dream clients? What if I asked Dr Ghada Mikhail, one of my colleagues? Maybe even Kate Russell? And Kathryn Parsons? .....  I created a mental list during that shift and set about emailing my Super Women, asking them to join the campaign. Some were too shy, some were abroad, some were available and really, really excited to be involved. I was shocked at the amazing response and feel very privileged that so many inspiring women agreed to represent my label. The result was three days of shooting and a whole lot of fun. The collection and campaign launch at The Hospital Club this evening, but for now, here's what we got up to behind the scenes. Brooke X