For the Dreamers: PULS by


The blend of fashion and technology is crouched and ready to pounce, we're just waiting for this concept to blow up, changing the fashion industry as we know it. This is a very exciting time -- the staggering rate of technological advancement has made ideas that were once best suited for a Jetson episode become reality. We are fascinated by the wearables industry, particularly by legendary musician's new brainchild PULS which manages to put everything you could possibly need right there on your wrist. 

So what is it exactly? "i.amPULS is not a smartwatch. It is a computer on your wrist. It is untethered. It is a phone. It is a whole new experience built from the wrist up." 

Building upon Android foundations, the PULS line features a brand new operating system entitled AneedA. Similar to the likes of Siri, AneedA is ready and willing to serve. And another similarity to the Apple family -- i.amPULS is your iPod, iPad and iPhone all rolled into one sleek black piece. The device features a fully functional phone complete with the storage of all your contacts as well as texting capabilities. Everything is searchable by both voice and by touch, making the tiny screen seem less daunting. You can upload your entire music library and play music over the device's speakers. Additionally all your favorite social media apps are compatible, as well as weather service and global GPS. And if you need some help overcoming an existential crisis, AneedA isn't afraid to get philosophical. In fact, she really goes the distance -- feeling lonely? She has no qualms with a little dirty talk, let demonstrate:

It's a bit overwhelming isn't it? We're so used to compartmentalizing our technology that the idea of just one singular device seems crazy. But PULS makes it entirely possible. This magical circle takes every desired mobile communication option and literally connects it to your body.  The only issue we see is the learning curve that comes with texting on that itty bitty screen, but any new device will take time to completely master. I'm sure the diehard Blackberry users remember refusing to make the switch from buttons to no buttons for the longest time...but eventually everyone realized: change is good!

However, when you're ready to take that plunge into the future you'll need to be able to explain why you want PULS in your life and on your write. Currently the company is in Phase 2 of a release program where chosen participants submit an application stating how they will use the device and are then asked to submit feedback in order to make any last minute changes as well as to ensure that customers are happy with the product. As one of the first of its kind, this is an ingenious plan to make sure PULS succeeds. And we love any company that takes the feedback of their clientele that seriously. 

Recently Brooke had the opportunity to meet at a Wired presentation at Tobacco Dock in East London. After hearing him speak she perused the nifty new gadgets and struck up a conversation with the creator of a jetpack hovercraft (seriously.) who also got Will intrigued. Brooke and Will were able to share information on their respective creative endeavors and ultimately bond over one another's ingenuity. Keep your eyes peeled for some styling collaboration in the near future! Brain scans on your bod and the height of modern technology on your wrist? It doesn't get much better than that. 

Since we'll hopefully be working together in some capacity in the near future, a rabid fan selfie was out of the question. This out in the audience shot of our favorite musician cum tech superstar will just have to do.