We've Got a WINNER!

We are so very pleased to announce that PHOEBE is the winner of our T-Shirt Design Competition! 

At the end of last year we asked 12-18 year old budding designers to send us their interpretation of the brain scans we often feature. The entries poured in and the competition was fierce. 

The panel of judges consisted of Brooke Roberts and graphic designer Alina Arefyeva. We received so many incredible entries, making the task of selecting a winner all the more difficult, but Phoebe's entry really won us over. By blowing paint through straws she developed a unique and beautiful submission. Her original interpretation of brain scans works to replicate while re-interpreting the structures. The use of colour plus a solid black graphic overlay made her design visually impactful and ideal for printing on a t-shirt. We feel that we can develop the sketch into fun and interesting final print. Alina compliments the piece, "Phoebe's design has an instantly appealing aesthetic" while Brooke says, "It's the contrast of the free artistic approach of blowing paint with the more geometric and solid black brain line-drawing that I find interesting."

The prize for the competition is two fold: Phoebe will get to see her own design be put into production and sold on the Brooke Roberts site and she will be featured in a photo shoot to promote her look!

We'd also like to give honourable mention to three other young designers who came up with some truly beautiful submissions. 

Anindita Ghosh: "I wanted to infuse tech with the brain scan so the maze idea came from the shape of pixels."

Naeem Rahman: "To create my brain scan designs I made a drawing of pictures of the brain. I photocopied my drawings on to different colour paper of red, yellow, pink, blue and orange. I used these colours because you see them a lot in pictures of brain scans. I cut out the shapes of my drawings and put them in a collage to show repeated shapes. The repeated pictures of the brain represent the different area of the brain and brain activity."


Charlotte Leung: "My design is called "A tree inside my head" because the brain scan highlights all the squiggly lines, which kinda look like tangled branches. It is an intricately detailed web of knowledge, which is always absorbing information to store in its leaves and branches. The tree grows parallel to our life; maturing, developing, and eventually becoming wiser than our years."


We are so excited that this competition went so well, we really feel that it was a great way to get younger people involved with science and design while also providing some real world experience.