Energy Addicts

Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer and graduate student at Hadassah College in Jerusalem, has developed a collection of speculative jewelry named Energy Addicts that theoretically harvests energy from the wearer. Kizhner's work investigates a world of depleted resources and begs the question: how far will we go to get the resources and energy we are all accustomed to when the supply starts to run dry? 

The collection features three pieces which are embedded into the wearer's vein and use the blood flow to operate mechanisms within, consisting of small wheels. Kizhner emphasizes the point that this is not meant to be a practical energy source, but instead it is meant to act as a discussion piece on humanity's addiction to energy and convenience. Kizhner explains, "The work delves into a world in which there is a significant decline, which forces humanity to seek all the more forcefully for alternative ways of cultivating power." The point she makes is really driven home when you consider how much energy we use day to day without a second thought -- take hot water for example. Rarely do we consider the amount of energy it takes to enjoy a hot shower or boil water while cooking, but imagine in this post-apocalyptic world of scarce resources how difficult it would be to live without it. Would you take the jump to harvest your own biological wealth of energy? 

Energy Addicts features "invasive gold & biopolymer devices that must be embedded into the surface of the skin, simple movements performed by the subconscious are fully utilized." Beautiful and bizarre, this theoretical collection grants an interesting perspective on the future of technology and the management of resources -- and the depth of our dependence on them. 


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