Brooke Roberts is an award-winning digital knitwear designer and consultant, who also has over a decade of experience as a diagnostic radiographer within the NHS. The garments and accessories from her eponymous label use inspiration from scan images of the brain and sinuses to create knitwear using the latest digital knitting technology and yarns. Brooke recently gave a TED talk explaining how she combines radiography and knitwear design in her clothing range and also launched the Brooke Roberts "Super Women Campaign", in which her collection was modelled by leading women from the fields of technology, business, media and medicine in the UK, rather than using conventional models. 

Brooke is passionate about combining science, technology and fashion in her own work and has also achieved this through collaborations with the Allen Institute for Brain Science (Seattle) amongst others, and is a sought-after figure when discussing the fusion of these disciplines (at events including the Wired Next Generation conference and the launch of London Technology Week 2016).  

Further to this, Brooke has recently started developing "smart textiles" and wearables through her own agency, Brooke Roberts Ltd, for a number of fashion labels and businesses, directly combining her knowledge of the latest developments in the "fash-tech" sector with her pioneering cross-discipline approach to developing new materials.

In addition to her design and materials development work,  Brooke is a Fashion Tech blogger for the Huffington Post UK and her own blog, Techstyler, lending opinion and sharing interviews from the crossroads of fashion tech, from a fashion designer’s perspective.  In 2013, Brooke was voted onto the h.Club 100 list of the most influential and innovative creatives in the UK, as well as being voted onto KPMG's Shift 100 list for retail technology entrepreneurs in 2017.