Cyber Athletes

January 22, 2015

The industry is blowing up: with millions of fans and even more money, the professional gaming world has crossed the line into legitimacy. The term "professional gamer" can still conjure images of deluded, Doritos loving geeks who rarely leave their parents' basement -- especially for the older generations -- but the reality of it all couldn't be more different. These players are just as dedicated as traditional professional athletes and even score similarly on psychological tests for mood, reaction time and concentration. BBC aired a special entitled The Rise of the Cyber Athlete where they determined that the skill set required of a traditional sportsman and that of a professional gamer are one and the same, involving decision making, communication,... Continue Reading →

Super Human: The Alternative Limb Project

January 20, 2015

Sophia de Olivera Barata has revolutionized the prosthetic limb industry with her new Alternative Limb Project. Her work moves away from the idea that prosthetics must look as natural as possible and instead she creates one of a kind pieces that are both fashionable and functional. Viktoria Modesta Moskalova, an amputee, singer/songwriter and actress, lost the lower part of her leg and explains that de Olivera Barata's work makes her feel empowered; "The first time I wore a limb that was so obviously BIONIC, it gave me a total sense of uniqueness and feeling of mutant human in the best way possible." Instead of being ashamed or uncomfortable, de Olivera Barata has made disability into a chance to explore individuality.... Continue Reading →

For the Dreamers: PULS by

January 16, 2015

ARE YOU A LEADER ?ARE YOU A TRAILBLAZER ?ARE YOU A CULTURAL TASTEMAKER ?ARE YOU A DREAMER ?ARE YOU A CREATOR ?ARE YOU A FASHIONISTA ? The blend of fashion and technology is crouched and ready to pounce, we're just waiting for this concept to blow up, changing the fashion industry as we know it. This is a very exciting time -- the staggering rate of technological advancement has made ideas that were once best suited for a Jetson episode become reality. We are fascinated by the wearables industry, particularly by legendary musician's new brainchild PULS which manages to put everything you could possibly need right there on your wrist.  So what is it exactly? "i.amPULS is not a... Continue Reading →


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