Meet Dr. Laura-Ann McGill: Cardiologist, PhD candidate and GB triathlete

October 13, 2016

Bonkers! How else could you describe a heart doctor in the middle of ground-breaking PhD research into de-mystifying the intricate fibres of our heart muscle who takes up triathlon as a distraction from desk work? Meet Dr Laura-Ann McGill, or LA as she's fondly known.  She's a gifted doctor (I know this first hand - she's an ex-colleague of mine) who juggles pioneering medical work with national level sport and a hectic social life. Just back from a vodka-fuelled wedding in Poland, she sat down with me at The Hospital Club, London to talk career, sexism in the workplace (yawn, yes it still exists, but it's waning) sport, life and style. Buckle up - this Glaswegian lass has smarts, style and charm... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Minds: Women in Medicine & Technology - SARAH SIMPSON

May 12, 2015

Sarah Simpson is a lawyer focused on technology at Taylor Vinters, London. It was while presenting at the inaugural FashTech conference in London that we happened to meet this incredible woman. Having taken a great interest in Brooke's presentation, Sarah met Brooke after the event. Since then she has become our go to person for all things legal within the creative and technology realms. Always professional and open minded, she has become an invaluable member of the team and we were overjoyed when she agreed to not only star in a photo shoot at the Taylor Vinters office at Tower 42, but also agreed to be interviewed for our blog. We met up with Sarah at Tower 42 in London for... Continue Reading →

Maths, Knitting & Feminism

March 12, 2015

Knitting is an ancient art traditionally practiced by women. It is a difficult craft and many around the world are reclaiming the pastime, refuting its dowdy reputation and bringing it into the modern age. Knitting circles are popping up across the globe -- the most popular organisation being "Stitch N Bitch" which currently has over 1,300 groups from its birthplace in New York City all the way to countries such as Israel and Thailand. Founded by New York Times Best Selling American author, publisher and feminist commentator Debbie Stoller, Stitch N Bitch is at the forefront of the renaissance knitting is experiencing and presents the idea that not only is knitting well suited to the fractured nature of the modern... Continue Reading →


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